Looking for Firmino’s replacement, Liverpool recruits Ajax Amsterdam bombers?


There are new rumors regarding who the new Liverpool striker will be next season. The Reds are reportedly interested in signing Sebastien Haller from Ajax Amsterdam .

Liverpool are scheduled to buy a new striker in the summer. This is because they are looking for a replacement for Roberto Firmino whose performance is starting to decline.

This need is increasing because Divock Origi is almost certain to leave Liverpool. So they are legally obliged to buy a new striker.

Fichajes reports that Liverpool have their radar set on the Netherlands. The Reds are interested in signing Sebastien Haller from Ajax Amsterdam.

Striker Tokcer
Liverpool’s interest in Haller is well-founded. Because the striker is on fire in the Netherlands.

This season he made a total of 35 appearances at Ajax Amsterdam. Of those 35 appearances, he managed to pack 33 goals and nine assists.

Haller’s slick performance made Klopp interested in signing him. Moreover, he is still 27 years old so he can last a long time at Liverpool.

Get to know Medan
There are other reasons why Liverpool are interested in signing Haller. Because the striker already knows the EPL field.

Before moving to Ajax, Haller had played for West Ham. He had two seasons defending The Hammers, even though his performance at that time was far from optimal.

However, Liverpool consider Haller to be familiar with the terrain, so it doesn’t take him long to adapt to his team.

Expensive price
Liverpool must be prepared to spend a lot of money to recruit Haller. Because the Ivory Coast national team striker is still under contract until 2025.

He is reportedly only able to be transported for a fee of around 60 million Euros in the summer

Meanwhile, if he defected to Liverpool, Gabriel Martinelli would be much better than Arsenal

Arsenal star Gabriel Martinelli is claimed to be a much better player if he moves to Liverpool . The claim was made by former Reds goalkeeper, David James .

This season Martinelli has become an increasingly important player in Arsenal’s front line. The 20-year-old star has played 26 times in all competitions.

Along with the departure of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Martinelli’s role is increasingly crucial for Arsenal. The Brazilian this season has contributed five goals and three assists.

David James’ Choice
Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp recently gave exorbitant praise to Martinelli. James also advised the Reds to bring Martinelli to Anfield.

“Gabriel Martinelli is one of the players that excites me. If it was a choice between Martinelli and Raphinha, I would choose Martinelli,” James told GGRecon.

“He is young and he has everything you need. It’s almost like Díaz is a bit more raw, and Diaz’s strength is that he can basically play anywhere.”

“Martinelli obviously occupies more left positions. I’ve always thought that with a good environment and age you can manipulate a player into something else, and I think Martinelli fits that criteria.”

Perfect for Liverpool
Furthermore, James also believes that Martinelli fits perfectly with the criteria for recruiting Liverpool players in the last few seasons.

“He’s still young and more than capable. And I can imagine him in a Liverpool shirt, doing what he did with Arsenal, if not better, and settling in seamlessly,” said James.

“They were like ‘we’ve got a team now, but what will it look like in the future?’ and they brought in those players to fill in the spaces where if [Roberto] Firmino, [Sadio] Mane, Salah were out they would be ready to go and replace them.”