Long Riders! Anime Review: An Anime That Teaches the Enjoyment of Cycling


If you love cycling and happen to also like anime, have you watched the Long Riders anime series ! ? Before the anime Long Riders! There was once a bicycle sports anime that was similar but not the same, namely Yowamushi Pedal (also abbreviated as Yowapeda ). But instead of presenting a vigorous competition like Yowapeda, Long Riders! it brings something new.

Ami Kurata, an ordinary-looking first year student. One day, he saw a cyclist riding a folding bicycle. Ami also wanted to try cycling and immediately bought a folding bike with her savings. Not long after, he was introduced to the world of long-distance cycling and bicycle racing by Aoi Niigaki. Then Ami together with her college friends, Aoi, and Saki Takamiya formed a cycling club called Fortuna and determined to take part in a brevet competition (also called randonneuring , long-distance cycling endurance competition) entitled ” Fresh “.

Getting to Know Different Kinds of Bikes
I myself am a cyclist and have participated in several bicycle events. So I want to ask, have you ever cycled? surely the answer is yes, but have you ever cycled a distance of tens of kilos to hundreds of kilos? Of course it’s very tiring to hear.

In this anime there are several bicycles used. Like Ami’s bicycle, a folding bicycle, Aoi’s bicycle is a Cross Bike . Both of these bikes are suitable for everyday use in short distances such as going to work, school or college.

And there is one more bike in this anime that is different from Ami and Aoi’s bike. This bike is designed for speed and long distance. In addition, the very expensive price makes this bike like gold, but there are also many enthusiasts, namely Road Bikes, which makes Ami surprised and confused because the price is exorbitant.

Cycling Isn’t Just About the Competition

In terms of story, Long riders! very different from other sports anime as each character has a rival, competes with each other and is more focused on winning the race. As long as I watch this anime, it can be said that there is almost no conflict between the characters. So that in each episode, this anime is more focused on telling stories about Ami and her friends enjoying long trips by bicycle.

Like any other bicycle anime, in Long Riders! there is also an implied message about safety in cycling such as using a bicycle helmet, gloves, special bicycle glasses and safety when cycling on the road.

If you’ve ever watched Yowapeda , when you climb an incline, it will remind you of the speed in reaching the top and becoming a winner. But in this anime, similar scenes give the impression of moving forward at a comfortable pace and as much as possible not making us feel tired. Do not forget that when they rest they often go on a culinary tour in the area they come to by bicycle.

One thing I didn’t expect in this anime is that they participated in one of the bicycle events, namely Azumi Autumn Ride. This event is different from a bicycle racing event, more precisely, it can be said that in this event the participants cycled for a distance of 160 km without a race system but had a time limit for finishing . In the event there is a help post that provides free food and drinks for the participants of the event.

Another interesting thing in this anime is the characters who do night rides as far as 100 km. As the name implies, these characters cycle long distances at night.

In closing, Long Riders! is a cycling sports anime that teaches us how fun and enjoyable cycling is, even over long distances. Although this anime is only known in some circles only and not as hits anime other sports. The story content packaged in this anime does feel light so it makes a comfortable atmosphere when watching it.

There are a few shortcomings in this anime, namely the episodes that are quite a bit adrift, only 12 episodes. The introduction of the new character that appeared in episode 8 gave a bear impression on this anime as well as the delay in the release of several episodes. But it does not interfere with the enjoyment of watching this anime. The added value in this anime lies in the opening soundtrack sung by Ray and the ending soundtrack sung by the seiyuu which gives the impression that this is a fun anime. If you still feel comfortable with this anime, you can also watch a similar anime, namely Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu.