Lomon Loves Kissing Cho Yi Hyun In ‘All Of Us Are Dead’, Like Gets New Insights After 17 Times Repeat


Being The ‘Ship’ Of A Million People, Lomon And Cho Yi Hyun Shared An Interesting Story Behind Their Kiss Scene In ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Which Turned Out To Be Repeated 17 Times.

Following the success of ” All of Us Are Dead “, Netflix Korea released a new interview video on Saturday (5/2). This time, Park Ji Hu , Yoon Chan Young , Cho Yi Hyun , and Lomon along with director Lee Jae Gyu and writer Chun Sung Il discussed the drama and shared interesting stories.

Although “All of Us Are Dead” is full of emotional and violent scenes, there are also romantic scenes between the “ship” of a million devotees, Lee Soo Hyeok (Lomon) and Choi Nam Ra (Cho Yi Hyun). To realize the kissing scene as the viewers watched, apparently Lomon and Cho Yi Hyun had to repeat it 17 times. While explaining on that occasion, the two managed to make the others laugh.

When the kiss scene was shown, the director jokingly said, “Even now Lomon can’t stop smiling. He looks really happy watching (this scene). How many takes did we do?”

After thinking for a while, Lomon replied, “17 times?” Then Lomon and Cho Yi Hyun in unison added, “We really did a lot of shooting.”

Apparently Cho Yi Hyun had felt bad because he had to keep repeating it because he couldn’t find Lomon’s lips. “I feel sorry for Lomon, because my eyes were closed when I leaned in (to kiss him), I couldn’t find where his lips were.”

However, Cho Yi Hyun revealed that Lomon had joked with him about enjoying the scene. The story then made everyone in the studio burst out laughing.

“I kept saying, ‘Lomon, I’m sorry. Can we try it one more time? I’m really sorry. But Lomon was like, ‘Personally, I enjoyed doing it,'” recalled Cho Yi Hyun.

Lomon’s response afterwards was no less interesting because he seemed to get new insights after filming. The other actors Park Ji Hu realized how panicked and nervous the owner of the name Park Solomon was before the scene was shot. However, what was said after that was said with a happy face that made him laugh even more.

“Before we filmed that scene, I kept worrying. ‘How do we do that kiss? I’m so nervous. What should I do?’ But after (Cho Yi Hyun) kissed me, I realized, ‘Oh, so this is the reason actors do romance dramas. That is my favorite scene, “said Lomon.

All of Us Are Dead” tells about the struggle for survival of a group of high school students from the zombie apocalypse that broke out at school. This drama has become a phenomenon as it quickly ranked #1 on Netflix World and dominated a number of countries. In Indonesia alone, this drama is faithful to be at No. 1 per Sunday (6/2).