Liverpool vs Villarreal 2nd Leg, Head to Head Beat Liverpool with 1 Win

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The Champions League semifinal match will be played between Villarreal vs Liverpool .

The two teams will continue the match in the 2nd leg of the 2022 Champions League with an aggregate of 0-2 which will take place on May 4, 2022

Villarreal vs Liverpool is predicted to be fierce when viewed from the second head to head or the meeting of the two teams in the field.

Villarreal vs Liverpool can also be watched via live broadcast by clicking on the link provided at the end of this article.

Villarreal vs Liverpool will be predicted through head to head , and the acquisition of points between the two teams.

Who will come home with the victory in the match later The Champions League semifinal?

So far, from the last 4 meetings, Liverpool are still ahead with 2 wins, while Villarreal have only won 1, and the two teams drew 1 time.

For now, Villarreal are in 7th place by collecting 52 points in the Spanish League.

Prior to their last match, they won 2-0 against Valencia, and will return to play with Alaves.

While on the other hand, Liverpool occupy the 2nd position by collecting the acquisition of 79 points, they will also play a match with Newcastle before against Villarreal .

They had a 2-0 win before their last match, against Villarreal in the first leg of the Champions League .

Head to Head Villarreal vs Liverpool

28/04/2022 Liverpool FC 2-0 Villarreal CF

06/05/2016 Liverpool FC 3-0 Villarreal CF

29/04/2016 Villarreal CF 1-0 Liverpool FC

31/07/2008 CF Villarreal 0-0 Liverpool FC

From a number of these meetings, Liverpool are still ahead with 2 wins, while Villarreal only won 1 time, and 1 time both teams drew.

Villareal vs Liverpool Prediction: Firmino Absent, Moreno Ready to Appear

Firmino has been sidelined since April 19 with a foot injury and has so far missed four Liverpool matches in all competitions.

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp has said Firmino will be part of the team traveling to Spain but will certainly not be involved in the squad for the second leg.

Slightly better news has come regarding the condition of Divock Origi, who was absent last weekend when Liverpool beat Newcastle United in the Premier League.

From the Villarreal camp, Unai Emery received an injection of energy with the possibility of the return of Gerard Moreno who was absent from the first leg a week ago.

Whoever wins this semi-final will face either Manchester City or Real Madrid who play their second leg a day later.