List of Korean Drama Released in November 2021


Korean dramas are now in great demand by various groups in the country, because apart from an interesting storyline, another reason is the capable acting of the players.

As a big fan of the series from South Korea, of course you don’t want to miss the drama that will air in November, of course it will be filled by popular artists and actors from the ginseng country, already know what the list is? Here’s the list for you!


1. Melancholia
The latest romantic drama from tvN, which airs on November 4, 2021, tells the story of corruption that occurs in the school environment and is spiced with romance between teachers and students.

“Melancholia” stars a young actor (Lee Do Hyun) who plays Baek Seung Yoo, a student who is a genius in mathematics, opposite acting with a beautiful actress (Im Soo Jung), as a math teacher named Ji Yoon Soo.

For those of you who like dramas with interesting storylines, this series is suitable to be a spectacle that cannot be missed.


2. Happiness
This thriller drama tells about the tense atmosphere due to the disaster that occurred in their hometown, some people trying to maintain mental health in the midst of an unfavorable atmosphere.

“Happines” stars (Han Hyo Joo) as police officer Yoon Sae Bom, and (Park Hyun Sik) as Jung Yi Hyun and (Jo Woo Jin) as Han Tae Seok as they try to protect society from all kinds of crimes.

This Korean drama premiered on tvN on November 5, 2021.

3. Royal Secret Inspector Joy
“Royal Secret Inspector Joy” is a historical drama that tells the story of an intelligent secret agent named Ra Yi Eon (Ok Taecyeon) who is met with a realistic passionate widow, Kim Jo Yi (Kim Hye Yoon).

This romantic comedy drama starring Ok Taecyeon, Kim Hye Yoon, and several other well-known actors, this series will air on November 9, 2021 through tvN and the VIU application.

4. Now, We Are Breaking Up
Telling an emotional love story about a breakup, this Korean drama with the title “Now, We Are Breaking Up” stars (Song Hye Kyo) who plays Ha Young Eun, a trendy and smart fashion label design manager .

With an equally popular co-star (Jan Ki Yong) as Yoon Jae Guk, a wealthy photographer who has intelligence and attractive appearance, the drama directed by Lee Gil Bok is expected to premiere on November 12, 2021 through SBS tv stations and apps. VIU.

This drama feels special because after a 3 year vacuum Song Hye Kyo returned to the small screen, and became the last drama for Jang Ki Yong before carrying out his military service.


5. One Ordinary Day
“One Ordinary Day” is a thriller drama by writer Kwoon Soon Gyu is a ramake of the BBC series “Criminal Justice” which will air on November 27, 2021, This drama is the comeback of handsome actor Kim Soo Hyun.

Taking on the role of an ordinary college student who was named a murder suspect named Kim Hyun Soo, (Kim Soo Hyun) is expected to impress fans with his good acting.

This drama also stars another actor, namely (Cha Seung Won) a lawyer who is not interested in the truth, it seems that this Korean drama is very interesting to watch!

Which of the 5 lists above is your favorite to watch? It’s definitely a shame to just pass up.