List of 5 Stupid Players in the Premier League: Fearless and Brutal Like Thugs


The English League has long been known as the best competition in the world. Many English teams have had success by becoming champions, and filled with great players.

Many of the world’s best players have had careers in the Premier League from time to time. The Premier League is known for being competitive and attracting the attention of football fans all over the world.

However, not all players are equipped with the ability to process the ball and determine the team’s victory on the field. Because there are also players who have other roles and tasks because they have a bad character.

Some players with this character have an influence on the mental side to fight and play rough on their opponents. They do not hesitate to launch brutal games, tackle horror, and invite fights.

Without further ado, let’s look at the row of players labeled as thugs in the English Premier League throughout history.

Roy Keane
Former Manchester United captain Keane is well known for his tough image. His fight with Patrick Vieira and his revenge tackle against Alf-Inge Haaland are two examples of his many brutal acts.

So much so that he could terrify anyone, including legendary British referee Mark Clattenburg. He had smiled when he saw Roy Keane for the first time, and after that all he felt was fear.

I was so scared of him,” said Clattenburg.

Jaap Stam
A Dutch player with a characteristic bald head and a threatening look.

In a 2012 interview, Stam was asked if he was a tough guy, which he denied.

He looked a bit blue when I took him off,” said Jaap Stam.

Thomas Gravesen
Perhaps a tough yet unpretentious man from the Premier League era, was Thomas Gravesen who earned the nickname ‘Mad Dog’ during his time at Everton.

He was missed when he went to Real Madrid, where he angered manager Fabio Capello after a tough tackle on Robinho in a training session.

He is just a little bit special. His behavior is like this, and I don’t like him, everything has to be done the way he wants.” Capello said.

Patrick Vieira
The rivalry between Patrick Vieira and Manchester United captain Keane will continue to be remembered in the Premier League. The pair famously clashed before they even got onto the pitch at Highbury in 2005.

The clashes started when Vieira sprayed his water bottle at Keane, who then uttered the famous “see you on the pitch”.

Later, Keane said of the day: “If it was a fight, Patrick could probably kill me.”

Robert Huth
A player with extraordinary physical strength. Robert Huth never seemed afraid or complained and had a hard time feeling pain.

In fact, he completed a full 90 stitches.

He also hates pretending to be hurt. “Feigning injury – that is against any sport. The downside of it all pissed me off. I can’t think of any other sport that’s acceptable,” he told The Times in 2018.