Lisa (BLACKPINK) shows off her personality and charm with the ability to weigh both men’s and women’s outfits on CR Fashion Book

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Lisa recently continued to make fans proud when showing off her extreme charisma, weighing all of her concepts on CR Fashion Book page 21st edition.

Officially returning to the Kpop race with the 2nd full studio album in her career called Born Pink , BLACKPINK is receiving a lot of attention from the public. Still an impressive investment from the image to the music, the YG girls are constantly creating new records for themselves after only 24 hours of releasing the album.

In addition to a strong comeback with the group, BLACKPINK’s Lisa also recently caused a storm when she treated fans to a “party” of extremely satisfying images when shooting for CR FASHION BOOK, issue 21. 10th anniversary. Lisa’s extreme charisma and style balances all types of outfits. It can be said that her pictorial photography skills are being raised to a new level more and more, making anyone who looks at her have to whisper non-stop.

Let’s take a look at Lisa’s cool photo shoots below:

Lisa’s black and white photo but still has a dazzling aura

She is extremely stylish and personable in the photos

Authentic humanoid clothes hanger

From the charisma to the way to create the model, everything is free of charge

Lisa’s photos on CR FASHION BOOK page are considered to be full of looks from strong, liberal to mature but still equally elegant. Indeed, there is nothing to argue about when CR FASHION BOOK – a popular fashion website with the feature of exploiting multi-dimensional and diverse images, chose Lisa as the photo model for its 10th anniversary edition.

Lisa is amazingly perfect in any outfit

There’s no question that when it comes to Lisa’s photography skills

In the scenes appearing in the latest M/V called Shut Down , Lisa also made a strong impression on viewers with her personality and eye-catching style.

Lalisa is extremely personality and strong

Eye-catching charisma with impressive style

Every scene of Lisa is very eye-catching