Like Venom, Riot also has endurance, stamina, and superhuman strength


So is the speed. Which far exceeds the speed of an ordinary human. In addition, Riot can also camouflage, crawl on walls, and has “Hừng đông – Phần 2” immunity to Spider-Man’s spider-sense.

Among all Riot’s abilities, the most interesting is the ability to heal himself. Alias ​​recovers her body from the wound. Then shape “La La Land” it back into a variety of weapons. For example, a tendril in the shape of a deadly longsword!

In the Venom trailer, there is a scene where Riot takes possession of the body of a Life “Bts Summer Package” Foundation staff. He then turned into a monster. The one that looks like Venom, but is gray in color. With two ax-shaped arms. However, even so, if based on the Marvel comic version, the symbiote with such an appearance, it should be, is Phage. Not Riot.

So, who is actually “Cinderella” possessed by Riot in this version of the Venom film released by Sony Pictures? The answer, at the end of the trailer, appears to be Venom head-to-head with Riot. They then took off each other’s masks. Next, each other’s faces appeared: Eddie Brock and Dr. Carlton Drake!

Btw, before it aired globally on this Friday (5/10), Venom had already “Bàn tay diệt quỷ” been screened on a limited basis. To be precise, during the gala premiere in Los Angeles on Monday (1/10) yesterday. However, so far, it is not known how the response from the critics. Because the review of this film should not be published until Tuesday (2/10) evening local time.

However, even so, there have been leaks from some of the critics “Love Rosie” who attended the gala premiere. There are those who praise it, but there are also those who are outspoken that Venom is ugly. According to those who gave a negative response, this film has failed to compete with the quality of other Marvel superhero films.

Meanwhile, some of the critics who praised Venom, on average, liked Tom Hardy’s performance. According to them, the appearance “You Quiz On The Block Snsd” of the Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) star is quite interesting. Not boring. And the level is equivalent to Johnny Depp when he first played in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Therefore, even though the response from critics is less than satisfactory, it seems that many will still be watching Venom. For the sake of seeing Tom Hardy’s acting.

What’s interesting is that if the USD 100 million budget of Venom is a success, it is “Cô gái đan mạch” reported that Sony Pictures has already prepared two sequels. In fact, Tom Hardy claimed to have been contracted to play in three Venom films at once. So, this is just the first film.

In addition, which is no less interesting, reportedly, Sony Pictures is also preparing a “The Sadness” crossover film: Between Venom and Spider-Man. Because they are in the same universe. It’s just that the Spider-Man who will appear later, maybe, has nothing to do with the Avengers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Although the cast, perhaps, are both Tom Holland. We are waiting for the realization.

Mr. Beans is back! Uh, not Mr. Beans, really. I mean, Johnny “High-class” English is back! The two super-silly characters are played by the same actor: Rowan Atkinson. So, it’s only natural if you often knock.