Like the novel version, the story of the film Inferno still revolves around Robert Langdon


He felt that Dan Brown’s last novel would be more striking if it was made into the big screen. As the screenwriter for this film, Ron Howard collaborated with David Koepp to adapt Dan Brown’s novel Inferno. Which has sold 30 million copies. Before this, David Koepp was familiar with the story of Robert Langdon. Because he is also the one who worked on the Angels & Demons scenario with Akiva Goldsman.

However, different from the previous two films, Inferno not only raises strong religious and historical elements but also presents global issues that plague society today. Namely, about the human population that is getting out of control.

As usual, the genius symbologist with photographic memory was again accompanied by a beautiful woman. This time, a young doctor. The name is Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones).

Although it is said that he is still single at the age of almost half a century, Robert Langdon’s character is indeed not classified as a jones, aka singles. Because the professor of symbology who teaches at Harvard University is always accompanied by a cool girl every time he goes on an adventure. Call it: Vittoria Vetra (Angels & Demons), Sophie Neveu (The Da Vinci Code), and Katherine Solomon (The Lost Symbol).

The story of Inferno itself opens with the awakening of Robert Langdon in a hospital. In Florence, Italy. In a state of lost memory. aka half amnesia. The character who is the alter-ego of the author Dan Brown can’t remember what happened to him a few days before.

Then, unfortunately, in a semi-conscious state, Robert Langdon is hunted by a mysterious woman. Which threatens his life. In addition, there are also troops in all-black costumes chasing him. Luckily, though, there’s the sweet doctor Sienna Brooks. Which then helped him escape.

In his escape, Robert Langdon then slowly began to realize: That he had been entrusted by a middle-aged aunt. Who is always present in his dreams. The deposit is in the form of a small cylinder. The one marked with biohazard. Which, it turns out, contains a secret code on biological weapons. Created by Bertrand Zobrist (Ben Foster). A transhumanist scientist. Obsessed with overcoming the problem of overpopulation.

Bertrand Zobrist, who is also a billionaire, is said to have created a virus of mass destruction. To reduce the human population. Which he considers the amount is excessive on Earth. The crazy idea was inspired by the image of hell in the famous 14th-century poem: Inferno. The work of the famous Italian writer: Dante Alighieri. To carry out his mission, Zobrist is assisted by a secret organization: The Consortium. Led by The Provost (Irrfan Khan).

However, the problem then became complicated. Namely, when Bertrand Zobrist killed himself. And the weapons of mass destruction are just waiting for the time to be launched. With the help of Sienna Brooks, Robert Langdon was pressed for time to crack the secret codes hidden in Dante’s work. To prevent the deadly virus created by the megalomaniac Zobrist from spreading throughout the world.