Lightweight, These 7 Best Android Go Applications to Use


Google has many of their own made apps on the Android platform. However, many of them have a file size that is quite large and heavy, especially when running on an old cellphone.

Fortunately, to ensure all Android users can run their apps comfortably, Google offers a ‘Go’ variant for a select few. The ‘Go’ variant is designed in such a way that it can run smoothly and problem-free, even on cellphones with very minimal specifications. Here are some of them.

1. Gmail Go
As you might have guessed, Gmail Go is a “lean” version of the Gmail app. Gmail Go comes with almost all the common features that Gmail has, such as support for more than one account, creating launcher shortcuts , navigation via swipe gestures , notifications for new messages, and more.

Unfortunately, for the Indonesian region, Gmail Go is currently not available for direct download via the Google Play Store. However, for those who are interested or just curious, you can directly download the APK via a trusted site like APKMirror and APKPure to install it manually.

2. Google Maps Go
Google Maps Go is a lightweight variant of Google Maps apps. Just like Gmail Go, this application also packs most of the features of the main application such as real-time traffic information updates , directions, public transportation, and information about local businesses.

This application is a Progressive Web App (WPA) and requires Google Chrome to work. Although very helpful, especially for cellphones with “potato” specifications, Maps Go still has drawbacks, one of which is that there is no offline mode to view maps in conditions without internet.

3. Google Assistant Go
Google Assistant Go comes as an alternative to Google Assistant where users can still ask something or search for information via voice. This application is perfect for those who have a cellphone with limited specifications. However, keep in mind that Assistant Go isn’t perfect and has a number of limitations.

In addition to language support which is currently only in English (though other languages ​​will be added in the near future), Assistant Go also cannot be used to control smart home devices, perform various Assistant Action commands, and use the keyboard as an alternative to voice commands.

4. Gallery Go
Simply put, Gallery Go is Google Photos but it’s very lightweight and doesn’t come with a cloud backup feature . However, this application is still equipped with a myriad of features that are generally owned by gallery applications.

Gallery Go can be used to organize multiple photos and improve the best quality of a photo automatically. In addition, Gallery Go also offers better performance than Photos (especially for low-end HP ) and can be used completely offline , which is not what Photos can fully use.

5. YouTube Go
Launched in 2016, YouTube Go was one of the first apps in the Android Go family . This quota-saving version of YouTube was created to minimize user data consumption while watching videos.

This application is equipped with a video preview feature to see a little of the content of a video. Then, there is also support for downloading videos and watching them offline app. Even better, YouTube Go also has an exclusive feature that the main app doesn’t have, namely support for sharing videos with closest friends via Bluetooth.

6. Files Go (Files by Google)
Files Go or which has now changed its name to Files by Google is Google’s first attempt to create a file manager application . Unlike the others, this app doesn’t have a main app with a bigger size or more features.

Besides being able to be used to access files on internal and external storage, Files by Google app is also equipped with interesting features. Some of these include support for clearing app caches , uninstalling unused apps, removing duplicate files , and Share Files for sharing files to other devices via a wireless network.

7. Google Go
Launched in early 2017 as Google Search Lite, the app was renamed Google Go a few years later. Google Go has a variety of features that the Google Search application has, such as searching via text, images or voice on Google and many more.

This app is almost similar to the main app, but with better controls for the UI. One example is on Google Go, users can easily enable/disable access to topics such as sports scores, movie schedules, news and others app.

Those were the reviews as well as recommendations for some of the best Android Go applications to use. Interested in using the lightweight applications above to replace the main application?