Let’s have a dream that won’t wake up. Let’s sing about the future SUPER DRAGON SPECIAL LIVE ‘Persona’


Yesterday, March 25, SUPER★DRAGON held a one-man live “SUPER★DRAGON SPECIAL LIVE ‘Persona'” at Kanagawa’s Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall.


This performance, which was held with the latest album “mirror” released on March 1st, was Spadora’s largest one-man live ever. The members themselves were involved in the production of all the songs, and “Persona”, which was announced to show all the songs of the album packed with their attention to detail, was also choreographed, staged, and produced goods by the members. To the one that firmly reflected the thoughts of. Standing on the big stage, the venue was filled with BLUE (a nickname for SUPER★DRAGON fans), filling the audience with a “blue light” that dyed their gaze, and the venue was filled with a lively mood even before the start of the performance. was

SUPER DRAGON’s special night opened with “Revolution”, which sang “revolution”. When the crimson curtain that covered the back of the stage was cut and dropped, a three-layered stage set made of rugged steel frames appeared. In the set divided into 9 small rooms, there are figures of the members wearing masks (Persona), and when the vision of the members taking off their masks in order is passed by the vision on the side of the stage, the audience seats. Shouts of cheers rise from. Tsuyoshi Furukawa and Ikeda Ikeda showed their spirit from the beginning with overwhelming high-pitched vocals, and Jean Kaito stood in the center of the stage as the fireworks exploded, declaring, “If this finger stops, he’s a revolution.”

In the second song, “So Woo,” the colorful searchlights lit up the audience rhythmically, and the members entrusted their bodies to the passionate, groovy funk sound. “Are U Ready? Then, as soon as this song ended, Kazuya Matsumura shouted, “Let’s fly! Yokohama, how’s it going?” From the opening, BLUE received their spirit of standing on stage with full power without mercy, and sang the opening chorus with all their might, instantly raising the heat of the venue. A smile spread across the faces of the 9 members who listened to BLUE’s singing voice, and Jean Kaito called out, “Let’s have fun until the end!”

“Oh, I can cry, it’s dangerous!” Kouki Tanaka was the MC after finishing “Untouchable MAX”, and revealed her excitement when she heard BLUE’s singing voice. When Jean called out, “You know what? The ban on voicing has been lifted! No one can go home without losing their voice!?”, and BLUE responded with excitement. Even in the self-introduction part, Reo Shimura and Jean lifted the ban on the original call and response that was sealed during the corona sickness live. Reo exclaimed, “Today, my dream finally comes true! Kazuya added, “It’s going to be a crazy live, so don’t forget to breathe. Just take your breaths and enjoy yourself.”

Jean’s words, “Let’s make it the best night ever,” changed the scene, and the nine resumed their performance with the mellow “Hey, girl.” A club-style set is placed on the stage, Jean, Sou Iijima, and Reo toast at the counter, while Sogo Ito and Kouki sit on the sofa and chill out. Images from the past. Here they delivered “HACK MY CHOICE”, one of Spadora’s early representative songs. BLUE, who cheered like a scream at the unexpected song selection, responded to the high-energy performance of the 9 members with a perfect call and dance that didn’t make you feel the long “silent period” of the corona disaster. After that, Thunder Dragon (youth unit)’s popular song “Rimakaburo! Kouki said, “You’ve grown up…” On the other hand, the older unit, Fire Dragon, also sang the popular middle ballad “MIKAZUKI”, fully demonstrating the power of expression that they have cultivated over their 8 years of progress and the tolerance unique to the older group. The performance time of the three songs, which made you feel nostalgic but never faded, was a time to further shorten the distance between the 9 members of Spadora and the hearts of BLUE.

In an interview with Music Natalie on the release of “mirror”, Sogo, who talked about “Persona”, revealed that “I personally have one challenge.” After the scene change, Sogo appears on stage alone, quietly rolls up his shirt and sits in front of the keyboard. As the audience erupted in a scene that had never been seen before, he slowly placed both hands on the keyboard and performed the piano performance he had been playing since he was five years old for the first time at Spadora’s live performance. He played the powerful yet delicate “Remedy For Love” as he stared earnestly at the keyboard, and Tsuyoshi and Bima layered their emotional vocals on top of each other, while BLUE watched the three of them hold their breath. Reo, Sou, and Raku performed a contemporary dance while manipulating organza softly swimming in the air, as if inheriting the mood of serenity and passion created by the three. She captured the audience’s attention with a physical expression that was different from what she usually shows, and depicted a “sad ending” story in which the cloth she tried to hug slipped through her arm.

When the three members of the dancer team disappeared, it was Kouki who stood in the center of the three-layered stage set to replace them. He creates beats on the spot by skillfully manipulating a sampler while producing a variety of tones with his specialty beatbox. He created an edgy track with only his own sound, prompting the audience to raise their hands and pass the baton to freestyle rap by 2 MCs Kazuya and Jean. Kazuya and Jean put their unwavering attitudes on the line with skillful, high-speed laps, completing a performance block in which each of the nine members showed their individuality to the fullest.

With a distinctive composition that uses a large stage, the spotlight shines on the 9 people dancing in various places on the stage “Pioneer (Keep It Real)”. “Pretty Girl” started with Hayate’s voice, “Pacifico, let’s get excited!” made me smile. During the MC after this song, Hayate revealed that he was responsible for the choreography of “Pretty Girl” and told BLUE, “Let’s continue dancing together!” Kazuya also mentioned the performance of “HACK MY CHOICE” and said to BLUE, “It’s too hot (laughs).” Takeshi said, “We were able to feel that we were able to exist in everyone’s year after year.”

When the sound of rain reverberating through the hall signaled the change of scene, Tsuyoshi appeared on stage with an umbrella in his hand. “Aigo Umbrella” included in “mirror” is a middle tempo love song written by Jean. sang and danced Then, when it shifts to “Honey Baby” arranged to “Persona” specifications, the silhouettes of the nine people swaying loosely behind the screen appearing on the stage stir the imagination of the audience. The production of Tsuyoshi, Boma, and Jean listening to their gentle singing voices, and putting their faces towards the movie camera with their sweet expressions, also invited BLUE’s unspeakable screams. At the end of this section, which is a collection of the sweetest love songs among SUPER DRAGON’s songs, “-Tweedia-“, a gentle ballad number that sang the thoughts of the nine people who are close to BLUE. The title of this song, given by Bima, also contains a message to BLUE, which is the flower language of Blue Star (Tweedia), “a heart of mutual trust” and “happy love.” Lined up on the upper and lower stages of the stage, while the members relayed their singing voices while quietly staring at the audience, there was also a scene where Tsuyoshi couldn’t help but choke on his own part. BLUE, who filled the audience with the sincere expressions and singing voices shown by the 9 members, also received their thoughts directly.

After the dance section where the members changed into a blue set-up, the live moved into the second half with “Welcome to my hell”. When the white curtain that had temporarily covered the stage was cut and dropped, what was there was the figure of the nine people with their hands and feet tied with red tape. Their movements were restricted by tape extending from the steel frame of the stage set, and they filled the venue with a disturbing mood while staring at the audience with a look that turned off the light from her eyes like a marionette. The 9 members cut off the tape in a tense sense of urgency and “liberated” themselves, continuing with “Burning in the nights”, which they sang while wishing for “dawn” during their activities during the corona disaster. And with the mixture number “X”, which is the “after song” of “Burning in the nights”, the nine members once again showed their pride as a “mixture unit” and said, “We will change the times.” followed by the self-titled track “SUPER★DRAGON”. The world around them has changed and their activities have been forced to suffer in the past few years, and this section shows the progress of the music flow and stage production. , BLUE in the audience raised their penlights high as if to respond to the members’ realistic performance.

In the final stage of the main part, the nine people accelerated their momentum with “LRL -Left Right Left-“, where the venue was united with dope digital sounds and catchy dances. They threw towels around the audience with “+IKUZE+” and shook their heads with “Mada ‘Mada'”, a heavy rock sound that thundered throughout the venue. Kouki and Kazuya grabbed each other’s chests as they performed the mic performance, while Tsuyoshi and Jean put their foreheads together and sang over each other. When the mixture rock number “Tap tap tap!” ran through the song.

“You endured a lot, didn’t you? Thank you for letting us hear your precious voice.” Before the last number of the main story, it was Tsuyoshi who opened his mouth. I’m glad that we didn’t give up on our dreams. I think that’s thanks to the many BLUEs who came here.” With deep emotion, he stared at the audience seats, which were filled with countless blue lights. “Let’s have a dream that won’t wake up. Wish us and everyone’s happiness. Let’s sing about the future!” With this song, which powerfully and lightly proclaims “the image that SPADORA should aim for”, the vision on the side of the stage shows the nostalgic smiles of those who have been together for 8 years, and the smiles of those who are exchanging smiles on stage at this moment. Sunny expressions are projected alternately. In the production that stirs up the emotional feelings of the 9 and BLUE, Kazuya, who put his own verse into the rap that affirms his “self-identity”, ends the verse with all his strength, “It’s your life!” cried to “After all, the best scenery is because of you guys!” After the song ended with Jean’s words to BLUE, the 9 members stood in a line and held hands, holding hands with a sense of fulfillment. mention. Jean said, “It was the best live show ever.

Reo, who led the way, explained how he was involved in the choreography and staging of this live together with Hayate, and explained the process, saying, “I’m envious of everyone (the vocal team) because they’re so creative. Me and Hayate. When I think about what I can do for the group and what I can do to contribute to the group, I think I should think about the choreography and the staging.” “But when you actually do it, it’s going to cost you a lot of lives. If you think about it, it’ll be morning…” Kazuya, who was next to him, sensed that Reo’s thoughts were overflowing, ” I thought it was a thesis! (laughs)”, causing laughter. While Reo was shy, he said, “I’ve come to love Spadora and BLUE again!”

Raku strongly declared, “There are only moments when I feel good about playing Spadora.” and I’m glad that you’re happy,” said Sogo with a sense of fulfillment. As each of them talked about their passionate thoughts, Kazuya commented on the lyrics he wrote in “Popstar”, saying, “Since we entered the corona crisis, there were probably many times we almost gave up, and there were times when we made the wrong choice. Even so, the reason why this many BLUE members are here is because they have always affirmed us.That’s why I want to affirm everyone with my music. I think,” he says. And at the end of the 9 members, Tsuyoshi, who faced the fans, said, “What I’m thinking at this moment is that I’m glad I’ve come here with my feet on the ground. There are still more scenery I want to see, tears I want to shed with everyone, and music. I want to do my best to continue to show everyone our dreams and hopes through this.Thank you so much for seeing us as we are, for making us look cool, and for letting us be SUPER★DRAGON.