Lee Sung-kyung’s Appearance as a Public Relations Team Member in Drama Shooting Stars


After starring in Dr. Romantic 2 (2020), actress Lee Sung-kyung has never returned to play as the main character on the small screen. However, this 31-year-old actress had become a supporting character in two episodes of the drama Once Again and Record of Youth, which both aired in 2020.

After two years have passed, Lee Sung-kyung is ready to make a comeback debut in the latest drama titled Shooting Stars, which is scheduled to air on April 22. Recently, photos of Lee Sung-kyung’s appearance as Oh Han-byul’s character in the tvN drama have even surfaced.

He was busy moving between the shooting location and the office. In her image, she exudes a professional aura as she tries to make sure everything goes perfectly.

Shooting Stars is a romantic comedy drama about people behind the scenes who work in the entertainment industry. They are often tasked with cleaning up the mess made by the stars.

They shed blood, sweat and tears to make the celebrity shine like a star in the sky.

In this drama, the character Oh Han-byul (Lee Sung-kyung) is portrayed as the head of the PR team at Star Force Entertainment. Called the “queen of hooking” in the industry, this character has extraordinary speaking skills and an excellent ability to deal with problems.

Besides Lee Sung-kyung, the drama, directed by Lee Soo-hyun, also stars Kim Young-dae, Lee Jung-shin, and Yoon Jong-hoon.