Lee Se Young Reaps Unexpected Reaction After Confessing Weight Gained 8 Kg For ‘The Red Sleeve’

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Lee Se Young Explained That She Easily Gained 3 Kg But Started To Lose Weight As The Weather Became Hotter And Filming Continued.

Lee Se Young recently guested on ” Radio Star “. Not alone, the beautiful actress was accompanied by other ” The Red Sleeve ” players such as 2PM’s Junho , Jang Hye Jin , Oh Dae Hwan , Kang Hoon to Lee Min Ji .

On that occasion, Lee Se Young discussed his weight gain which reached 8 kg for his role as the character Seong Deok Im. The beautiful actress said she wanted to make a difference between characters aged 18 years and 20-30 years.

Lee Se Young explained that she easily gained 3 kg but started to lose weight as the weather became hotter and filming continued. After gaining 3 kg, she lost weight and returned to her usual weight.

But Lee Se Young felt compelled to show grace as an empress, so she decided to gain weight. The 1992-born actress is more focused on adding weight to her face.

Lee Se Young then explained that she followed Junho’s advice by eating two slices of cheesecake every day. As filming continued, he continued to eat fried foods such as fried bread with sugar, jam, butter, and sometimes even mayonnaise.

Lee Se Young’s confession about gaining weight for the sake of filming “The Red Sleeve” immediately sparked an unexpected reaction from South Korean netizens. Many claim that they are not aware of the weight of the actress and instead focus on highlighting her increasingly beautiful face.

I thought it was cool that he did so much work for his character!” connect another.

Lee Se Young Fails To Open Shirt, Junho 2PM Reveals The Origin Of The Morning Kiss Scene ‘The Red Sleeve’

Junho Also Revealed The Exact Reason The Director Of ‘The Red Sleeve’ Canceled Filming The Scene Of Lee Se Young Taking Off Her Clothes. The Director Then Suggested There Was A Kiss Scene In The Morning.

Lee Se Young , 2PM’s Junho and several core players of ” The Red Sleeve ” were guest stars on “Radio Star” which was broadcast on Wednesday (26/1). They discussed many things about the MBC sageuk drama, one of which was about the first night bed scene.

Junho said that he had prepared to shoot the intimate scene, but in the end he failed to take off Lee Se Young’s clothes when shooting began. “I try to act carefully and avoid making mistakes,” said Junho.

It was a sexy and affectionate scene. But during rehearsal, the director said, ‘Don’t do this’,” Junho added. .

Junho also revealed the exact reason the director of “The Red Sleeve” canceled shooting that scene. But instead, the director suggested a kiss scene in the morning ( morning kiss ) after Yi San (Junho) and Seong Deok Im’s first night.

“The director revised the bed scene boldly to protect the atmosphere of a beautiful, fun and exciting scene. But he said he wanted Deok Im and San to kiss once again the next morning,” Junho confided.

MC Ahn Young Mi who immediately agreed with the director’s decision “The Red Sleeve” said, “The morning kiss scene is even more thrilling.” MC Yoon Se Yoon joked, “Love actually happens in the morning, right?”

Lee Jun-ho replied, “That’s why the king was late for the morning meeting”, which made everyone in the studio laugh. Junho also talked about the additional lines that have sprung up from the set of “The Red Sleeve”.

“Because Lee Se Young and I are already familiar with the original line, the additional line, ‘I’m going to sleep just holding your hand tonight’, made us laugh a lot. I wonder if the king can sleep just holding his hand,” Junho added.

Junho’s obedience made the “Radio Star” MC react again. Ahn Young Mi and Yoon Se Yoon alternately said, “Now I understand it as an open ending” and “I have different interpretations, so don’t spoil my imagination.”