Lee Se Hee Joins DO EXO Starring True Swordsmanship

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DO EXO is confirmed to be starring in the Korean drama True Swordsmanship. Lee Se Hee will also be joining in the same project.
This was conveyed directly by KBS, which will broadcast the Korean drama True Swordsmanship. Lee Se Hee is confirmed to be co-starring in this drama with DO

He is a person who behaves badly and uses practical methods and does not follow standard procedures to stop corrupt rulers and harm society.

This drama will be directed by Kim Sung Ho, who was previously successful through Move to Heaven. Lim Young Bin is believed to be the scriptwriter.

Lee Se Hee will play the role of Shin Ah Ra, a senior prosecutor in the criminal investigation department. He is known as a neat figure in solving problems so that he is used as the right hand of the head of the central prosecutor’s office.

Shin Ah Ra also has a high sensitivity in terms of politics, also has extraordinary social skills. So, he can maintain good relations with his colleagues, seniors, and juniors at work.

On the other hand, DO is confirmed to be starring in the role of Jin Jung, a prosecutor in the current division of the Central District Prosecutors’ Office. He is a charming character and a prosecutor who is widely known for doing crazy things that no other prosecutor has done before.

Even so, Jin Jung is said to have a sense of justice and conscience. He sided with the weak and tried to fight evil.

Lee Se Hee recently won the Best New Actress trophy at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards for her role in Young Lady and Gentleman. He debuted in 2019 with Fight Hard Love Harder and starred in dramas such as Live On and Hospital Playlist 2.

The plan, True Swordsmanship will be aired in the second half of 2022.