Lee Sang-yong, ’embezzlement of sponsorship money’ framed mind → ‘Best friend’ Last greetings to the late Hyeon-mi…”Goodbye sister” (‘My Way’) [Oh!

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[OSEN=Reporter Kim Na-yeon] I remembered the situation at the time when ‘Popeye’ Lee Sang-yong was framed for embezzlement of donations.

TV Chosun’s ‘Star Documentary My Way’, which aired on the 14th, portrayed the daily life of ‘Popeye’ Lee Sang-yong, who turned 80 this year.

On this day, Lee Sang-yong visited his hometown, Seocheon, Chungcheongnam-do. After visiting his elementary school alma mater, he said, “The school is in front of the sea. The water is salty. I wish there was a water purifier. Then, when asked about his elementary school days, he recalled, “I was very calm and just sat still.

In particular, Lee Sang-yong visited the site where his birthplace was and expressed his longing for his mother. He recalled the pain of her mother, who had to endure her father’s frequent affair alone in her youth, saying, “Her mother married a lot here.”

Lee Sang-yong said, “My father resented me a lot. I was scared,” he said.

He said, “My mother took me and went all the way to Mt. Baekdu to look for my father. How could I have eaten during that time? I couldn’t eat. My mother gave birth because she was exhausted, but she was breathing for a long time and wanted to rest and die. The whole town said, ‘Let’s save him.’ Dozens of village mothers lived in the fields and came to nurse them when they were full. It was a miracle that they were able to walk slowly and actually live. My mother followed her parents-in-law unconditionally and had no choice but to do so at that time. She married so badly that it would be better to die. My mother I endured all the hardships. If my mother was alive now, I think she would be really good to me. She passed away after suffering too much.”

“My mother passed away at the age of 58. I heard the news during the recording of ‘Let’s Get Together’. I still laughed and recorded it. It was a day when the snow fell to my knees, and it took 4 hours to get from Seoul to Daejeon. My mother has already passed away.” What I want to say to you is that I will not be greedy and will live with only being as greedy as my height. I will forgive others without swearing at them, and I want to do good things. I will live to hear that I am a good person.”

Afterwards, Lee Sang-yong met his best friend, writer Kim Hong-shin. Writer Kim Hong-shin mentioned the trials faced by Lee Sang-yong, who had been doing good deeds. It was none other than that he was falsely accused of embezzling donations. Writer Kim Hong-shin said, “It was an unfortunate story that made no sense. Before that, he was a hero of our time who gave surgery to children with heart disease. Then he was suddenly caught up in a strange story and framed.”

Lee Sang-yong confessed, “I’ve dedicated my life to 600 surgeries, so I’m alive and well, but I didn’t have any surgeries. The whole nation criticizes me. As a bad guy. I stayed still. I thought the sky knew.” He, who moved to the United States at the time of the controversy, said, “Don’t say anything. I was a tour bus guide in the United States and a tour bus guide from LA to Las Vegas by bus for 14 hours a day. Then I was found not guilty. At the same time as I was acquitted. He gave a guide to the newspaper,” he said bitterly.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

Writer Kim Hong-shin said, “It turned out that I was framed. At that moment, I wondered how I could have endured that. That’s why I came to like it even more. He tells me all the stories he can’t tell others about. Private things, personal things. A lot of people I know the truth. Everything has passed like that.” I think I’d like to give it to you,” he said.

On the other hand, Lee Sang-yong visited the jangji where he stayed for a while to say his last goodbyes to the late Hyeon-mi, who was usually close. Lee Sang-yong said, “I came to see Hyun-mi, the singer in my heart, whom you loved so much. As a best friend, she loved and liked me. So I came to see you.” The late Hyun-mi announced the sudden death last month

. Jangji was changed to the United States according to the wishes of the bereaved family, but Lee Sang-yong, wanting to say goodbye once more, visited the place where the deceased had stayed before leaving for the United States.

He said, “This is a picture I usually have. I made a frame and brought it. It was the last place I stayed, so I put it there and liked corn. I always carried it with me. Boiled corn and placed it with flowers. When I went, there was no mortuary. My children did not come from the United States. So I went back later.”

He continued, “I always called Sang Sang my younger brother. When I said ‘Introducing your heroine of the night fog, Mr. Hyeon-mi’ on stage, he came out and came out whenever the song ‘Night Fog’ came out. He is a lively, heavenly celebrity, an eternal singer. A singer who has not disappeared. A living singer. If I introduce them, they will come out right away.”

Then he said his last goodbye, “Please sing as much as you want on top of my sister and let us hear it. I will hear it. I really like your voice. May my sister, who is more beautiful than flowers, be well, and be a singer who will never die. Goodbye sister.”

Lee Sang-yong said, “I see people going one by one, and I think I’m coming back in my turn. I will also work hard, correct my mind, and live humbly with a heart of service.” It’s a success,” he said.

Lastly, “Don’t answer every single question. Don’t give reasons. Work three or three times. Work hard. Do ‘thank you often.’ Don’t be nervous. Be satisfied with only 70 percent. Return it to society”, conveying the Ten Commandments, giving a sense of emotion.

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