Lee Min Ho-Gong Hyo Jin Unite in Ask the Stars

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Lee Min Ho and Gong Hyo Jin will return to the small screen. https://www.skola.co.uk/profile/les-animaux-fantastiques3-hade/profile This time, they are united in the same Korean drama project.
Both are confirmed to be starring in a Korean drama titled Ask the Stars. The romantic comedy genre drama tells the story of an astronaut and a tourist who meet and fall in love on a space base.

Ask the Stars will be directed by Park Shin Woo, who previously had success through It’s Okay to Not be Okay and Lovestruck in the City. Seo Sook Hyang, previously known for Jealousy Incarnate and Pasta, was assigned to write the script.

Lee Min Ho will later play the main character named Gong https://zenodo.org/communities/les-animaux-fantastiques-3-mantul/?page=1&size=20  Ryong. He is an OB-GYN (obstetrician-gynecologist) with great responsibility who arrives at the space base as a tourist.

Meanwhile, Gong Hyo Jin will play Eve Kim.  He is a Korean-American astronaut who works at the base.

If nothing changes, Ask the https://zenodo.org/communities/en-corps-mantap-betul/?page=1&size=20 Stars will go live in 2023.

This drama will be Lee Min Ho’s  first Korean drama project in 2023 after previously successfully starring in Pachinko. Aired on Apple TV+, this series successfully stole the world’s public attention.

On the other hand, Gong Hyo Jin has yet to return to starring in any Korean dramas after the success of When the Camellia Blooms in 2019. https://zenodo.org/communities/la-revanche-des-crevettes-pailletees-vostfr/?page=1&size=20 Ask the Stars will be the actress’ first acting project after four years of hiatus.