Lee Kyu Hyung’s 5 Cameo Roles in Korean Drama 2021, Total!


Lee Kyu Hyung is an actor who is known to be prolific in starring in Korean dramas, films, and musical dramas. In 2021, apart from being a cast member in Voice 4 , he is also making cameo appearances in several new dramas.

Not two or three, opposite Kim Tae Hee in Hi Bye, Mama! this is a cameo in five different dramas, you know! Interestingly, the five dramas have various genres. Successfully performing in totality, let’s look at Lee Kyu Hyung’s five roles as a cameo in the following 2021 drama.


1. Yoo Han Yang – Hospital Playlist 2
The 1983-born actor surprised fans with his appearance as a cameo in episode 3 of Hospital Playlist 2. This became his reunion project with director Shin Won Ho after the drama Prison Playbook.

Uniquely, his role as a cameo in this medical genre drama is similar to his character in Prison Playbook. Their names and professions are the same. But the difference is, in Hospital Playlist 2 his girlfriend is a woman.


2. Park Jung Hwan – Racket Boys
In addition to Director Shin Won Ho, this year Lee Kyu Hyung also reunited with the scriptwriter and fellow cast of Prison Playbook through the drama Racket Boys . He is present in the final episode of this sports-themed drama.

His character in Racket Boys is Park Jung Hwan who is said to have just moved from the city to Ttangkkeut Village. There, he meets Kim Tae Ho, played by Jung Min Sung, who plays Doctor Go in Prison Playbook. Interestingly, Park Jung Hwan is gay, just like the character Yoo Han Yang in Prison Playbook.

3. CEO Park – The Witch’s Diner
The Witch’s Diner carries the dark fantasy genre and tells the story of a witch’s restaurant. Lee Kyu Hyung made a cameo in the first episode of the drama adaptation of this novel with the role of CEO Park.

CEO Park is a single father experiencing economic hardship. He then becomes a guest at a witch’s restaurant owned by Jo Hee Ra (Song Ji Hyo) because he wants to win the lottery or the lottery. His wish came true, but he had to pay a very high price for it.

4. Park Sung Min – Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?
Would You Like a Cup of Coffee? is Lee Kyu Hyung’s reunion drama with Park Ho San, the actor of KAIST in Prison Playbook . Lee Kyu Hyung appeared as a cameo in episode 3 and played the character Park Sung Min.

Park Sung Min is told as a regular customer at 2Dae Coffee owned by Park Seok (Park Ho San). He made the coffee shop an office where he was struggling to make his platform a success .


5. Lee Seung Young – Happiness
Happiness is the latest tvN thriller genre drama starring Han Hyo Joo, Park Hyung Sik, and Jo Woo Jin. In the drama that aired on November 5, Lee Kyu Hyung appeared as a cameo in the first episode.

The character played by Lee Kyu Hyung in Happiness is Lee Seung Young, a colleague of Yoon Sae Bom (Han Hyo Joo). The two are described as a cohesive team and support each other in anti-terrorism training. However, they are facing a crisis related to infectious disease attacks.

Lee Kyu Hyung managed to prove the totality of his acting by playing various cameo roles in various drama genres. Of the five roles above, which one is your favourite? Come on, write in the comments column!