Lee Jun Ki Discusses The Concept Of ‘Again My Life’, Will You Go Back 15 Years Ago?

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Lee Jun Ki’s Upcoming Drama, ‘Again My Life’ Tells The Story Of A Prosecutor Who Goes Back 15 Years Before Being Killed. Would Lee Jun Ki Have A Similar Experience?
Recently, Lee Jun Ki did a photo shoot with W Korea magazine . In the interview session, the actor talked about his latest drama project ” Again My Life ” which will soon air on SBS.

“Again My Life” tells the story of a talented young prosecutor who gets a second chance after failing to bring down a powerful figure in court. The prosecutor goes back 15 years before his death.

In “Again My Life”, Lee Jun Ki plays Kim Hee Woo, a prosecutor who gets a second chance going back to 15 years before he was killed. In the interview session, he discussed how Kim Hee Woo’s story would become a desperate story or not.

“It doesn’t feel like someone who has lost everything turns into the incarnation of revenge or like a wounded animal. As a prosecutor, I want to focus on justice as the main goal and revenge second. It won’t be sad or ‘salty’, but refreshing,” he said. Lee Jun Ki.

Lee Jun Ki Discusses ‘Again My Life’ Concept, Will You Go Back 15 Years Ago?

Regarding the main character who goes back 15 years before being killed, “Again My Life” is based on a webtoon title. With an interesting premise, Lee Jun Ki explained the concept of this drama.

“We described it as ‘my second life’. I was given the opportunity to start over at a certain point in my life. Since the memories from the life before reincarnation with all the data were clear, there was something the protagonist had to prepare,” said Lee Jun Ki.

Due to the premise of “Again My Life” which goes back 15 years before death, Lee Jun Ki was asked to imagine if the same thing happened to him. Apparently, he had already talked to the director and staff about himself going back 15 years before.

“I spoke to the director and staff. It would be painful for me. This is the life I’ve lived so far. I’m not sure that I can endure that process anymore. I don’t have much confidence to come back to audition. I am who I am now. as a result of the hard times that accumulated well. It’s fun right now,” said Lee Jun Ki.

Meanwhile, “Again My Life” will begin airing on April 8. As a substitute for ” Through the Darkness “, this drama can be watched every Saturday and Sunday at 22:00 local time.