Lee Jin Ho Says Ex-Kim Seon Ho Divorced Ex-Husband For Cheating With 3 Men


YouTuber Lee Jin Ho Shocked The Internet By Uploading A New Video And Accusing The Actor’s Ex-Girlfriend Of Cheating Several Times After Marrying Her Ex-Husband.

Youtuber Lee Jin Ho who used to be an entertainment journalist shocked the public by uploading a video about Kim Seon Ho ‘s unfaithful ex-girlfriend . He mentioned that Choi Young Ah (previously called A) had an affair with three men in a short time.

On October 26, Lee Jin Ho shocked the internet by uploading a video entitled, “The shocking past of Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend.” She accused the actor’s ex-boyfriend of cheating on her multiple times after being married to her ex-husband for just 17 days.

B started living alone after his divorce and returned home after CCTV was installed in his home. But when B checked the CCTV data, he found that in the span of three weeks, 3 different men had broken into his house.

“I’ve investigated, one is the owner of the bar and the other is the sponsor of the ahjussi (middle-aged man). I heard that he also had a ‘sponsor’ before marriage. He is disgusting,” continued B.

According to B, A does not want to divorce until the end. B shared that he also appealed in the last trial, saying, “A wants to protect my family.” B then released CCTV footage of A having an affair in court and eventually winning the divorce case.

According to B’s disclosure, A’s father asked B to pay a debt of 170 million won (approximately Rp. 2 billion) and continue to mediate the divorce before filing a complaint.

Lee Jin Ho said, “This is the audio recording (related to the Kim Seon Ho scandal) that I mentioned earlier as the key to turning the case around. I want to say that when you want to expose someone, you must have a clean background.”

Previously, it was Lee Jin Ho who first publicly confirmed that Kim Seon Ho was actor K. Then Dispatch reported that A pushed Kim Seon Ho into a difficult situation because he often lied about meeting other men and being obsessed with luxury goods.

In addition, it was also revealed that Kim Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend had reached an agreement to abort the child before deciding to do so. The public also turned to support Kim Seon Ho.

Dispatch Releases Anonymous Email About Kim Seon Ho and Ex's

Dispatch Releases Anonymous Email About Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Husband’s Divorce And Ex-Husband

Kim Seon Ho’s scandal entered a new chapter with Dispatch’s disclosure of the relationship between the actor and his ex-girlfriend who made initial accusations of gaslighting and forced abortion. The media that is subscribed to exposing the privacy of these celebs releases emails about their relationship.

In a series of exclusive text messages, photos, and insights, Dispatch has been able to piece together the entire dating history between Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah, a former weather forecaster turned influencer. Choi Young Ah was previously mentioned as A.

Dispatch explained how Kim Seon Ho met Choi Young Ah and their relationship after the abortion . Choi Young Ah herself is known to have been married to a businessman and divorced 17 days after the wedding.

Back in January 2021, Dispatch apparently received an email containing information about Choi Young Ah and her ex-husband, the reason for their divorce, and Kim Seon Ho’s relationship with him.

The email was sent by an anonymous sender with the subject, “Most Popular New Stars And Influencers Who Married A Chaebol.” The delivery time is January 11 at 2:15 p.m. KST.

I think actor Kim Seon Ho, who gained popularity with shows like ‘ 2 Nights 1 Day ‘ and ‘ Start Up ‘, is coming to my apartment complex more often these days. I’ve seen him in the elevator, even though he’s trying to hide his face with a hat. It’s been months,” read the email.

Choi is now a salesperson on Instagram. I can’t even take a picture of him in the elevator. (His IG @[censored] ).

I’m not sure if Kim Seon Ho knew about this, but I’m pretty sure he kept visiting his house. He appeared covered up and wore a mask but I’m sure it was him. He looks exactly like The Kim Seon Ho I’ve seen on TV. After all, I’ve seen him at least four times, all on Sundays.”

[Censored]. He might just look like Kim Seon Ho which I might mistake for an actor. So I’ll let Dispatch do the rest. [Censored] , you know.

Dispatch deliberately censors matters related to Choi Young Ah and her ex-husband’s divorce. However, it was said earlier that Kim Seon Ho did not know that Choi was married when he started a relationship.

Now many are curious about the contents of the information that Dispatch deliberately censored. This is likely the reason Choi Young Ah divorced her ex-husband.