Lee Ji-ah, pointed her sword at Shim So-young… Is bloody revenge starting (‘Pandora’)

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Kang Seo-jeong] ‘Pandora: Fabricated Paradise’ Lee Ji-ah aims a blade of revenge at Shim So-young.

tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Pandora: Fabricated Paradise’ (Creator Kim Soon-ok, Director Choi Young-hoon, Screenwriter Hyunji Min) said that Hong Tae-ra (Lee Ji-ah), who started bloody revenge today (18th), made herself a killer, Kim Seon-deok (Sim Shim), director of Hanul Mental Hospital. So-Young) revealed the tense scene of the visit. The confrontation between Hong Tae-ra, who tracks down the man who manipulated his fate, and Kim Seon-deok, who viciously threatens him, heightens curiosity.

In the last broadcast, Kim Seon-deok approached Hong Tae-ra’s husband, Pyo Jae-hyeon (Lee Sang-yoon), while hiding his feelings, raising tension. Hong Tae-ra was shocked to see Kim Seon-deok holding the hand of her daughter Pyo-woo (played by Kim Si-woo), and at the same time, a big upheaval was predicted with a reversal ending that recalled her brother’s memory.

The fact that Hong Tae-ra, who was thoroughly raised as a human weapon by Kim Seon-deok, was a killer Oh-yeong (Chae-rin) was shocking. To make matters worse, Go Hae-soo (played by Jang Hee-jin), a family-like best friend of Hong Tae-ra, is pursuing Oh-young after receiving a tip from someone that Oh-young killed her father, the late former president Tae-seon (played by Cha Kwang-soo). While the tragic past is intertwined and predicts unpredictable developments, the appearance of Hong Tae-ra visiting Kim Seon-deok is revealed, further stimulating her curiosity.

Entering the lair of Kim Seon-deok, who reaches out dangerously to his family, he is surrounded by the gruesome knives of killers named Hong Tae. Even in the immediate crisis, Hong Tae-ra’s pulpit and spleen determination, which does not blink an eye and glares at Kim Seon-deok fiercely, draw attention. Hong Tae-ra, who aims a knife at Kim Seon-deok, and Kim Seon-deok’s arsenic talking about her makes me curious about the future development.

Kim Seon-deok relentlessly pursued Hong Tae-ra, threatening her life. Kim Seon-deok’s plan, who started approaching with a significant interest in the fact that he is Pyo Jae-hyun’s wife, also draws attention.

The production team of ‘Pandora: Manipulated Paradise’ said, “The struggle of Hong Tae-ra, who even throws down her life to protect her family, unfolds. He also said that after Pyo Jae-hyun’s declaration of running, shocking events surrounding ‘Haechi’ occur, and uncontrollable crises come to Hong Tae-ra and Pyo Jae-hyun’s couple.”