Lee Jae Wook Admits He Often Wants To Cry When Starring In ‘Alchemy Of Souls’, Why?


During An Interview Recently, Lee Jae Wook Also Talked About His Experience Starring In The Drama ‘Alchemy Of Souls’. Check Out The Full Story Below.

Recently Lee Jae Wook did a photo shoot and interview with Marie Claire Korea magazine . On that occasion, he also talked about his role in the tvN drama ” Alchemy of Souls “.

In the drama, Lee Jae Wook takes on the role of Jang Uk, the son of the Jang family of wizards who was born with the destiny of a royal star. It made him more special than anyone else because he was destined to become a great magician who would make a huge impact.

Lee Jae Wook revealed that he often felt like crying while playing Jang Uk. Because the character has many sad moments throughout the drama.

He said, “I’ve never tried anything as desperate as Jang Uk and felt such a great achievement. However, there were many moments when I felt like I was going to cry while playing him.”

“I experienced an overflow of emotions for a moment. So I learned the meaning of ‘overwhelmed’ with my body,” said the 1998-born actor.

He continued, “I don’t want to lose the way I work hard to live happily every time. I hope I can share positive teamwork with the people I work with on a fun set.”

Lastly, Lee Jae Wook revealed the regrets he experienced during his career as an actor. She explained, “One of the things I say the most is, ‘Is there another job that leaves so many regrets?'”

“Every time I shoot, I have a lot of regrets. The nature of this work, which often contains regrets and is ultimately unsatisfactory, sometimes acts as a driving force,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, “Alchemy of Souls” has aired the last episode of its first part on August 28. The drama will air its second part in December. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .