Lee Hi’s Honest Answer When Revealing Idol Glowing Skin Secrets


There Is One Truth About Flawless Skin That Most Celebrities Never Talk About Until Lee Hi Spilled It All In A Recent Interview With W KOREA.

What’s the real secret to getting flawless skin like K-Pop idols? While various idols have given their own tips, Lee Hi recently shared how she makes her skin glow and her answer is so honest.

Some idols who are models for cosmetic advertisements may recommend the skin care products they promote.

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Other idols may envy us by revealing that they are born with flawless skin. Of course, many idols have revealed some very useful and authentic skin care tips, such as double cleansing and thorough moisturizing.

When asked what she always does to keep her skin beautiful throughout her busy schedule, the “ONLY” singer thinks of one word, money! The first tool needed…said Lee Hi with a laugh. You need money first for skin care!

Lee Hi said the fact is that we need to spend money, maybe for dermatologist appointments and effective treatments, to get idol-like skin. He even joked, People who say they have innately beautiful skin are liars.

Lee Hi went on to explain that when she started out as a singer in her teens, she didn’t even try hard to clean her face. Now, at 25, she says she spends money on skincare and maintaining good skin.

But if you can’t afford high-quality skincare like Lee Hi, she shares another tip that anyone can follow. The second important thing (is) you have to clean your face properly, said Lee Hi. Now that she wears a mask all day because of the pandemic, she says she has a skin problem. To prevent that, he made sure to wash his face well.

Lee Hi addresses rumors that she left YG because they didn't give her  regular comebacks - DAILY NAVER

Lee Hi Doesn’t Accept Being Called A Victim And Reveals YG’s Genuine Treatment

Lee Hi Discussed Her Promotions With YG Entertainment In The Past. He Does Not Accept That He Is Called A Victim And Reveals How His Former Agency Was Treated.

Lee Hi recently shared thoughts on her past promotions with YG Entertainment. He does not accept that he is called a victim and reveals how his former agency was treated.

On July 23, the Youtube channel “1theK Originals” uploaded a new episode of “Look Me Up” featuring Lee Hi. Just like the other guests on the show, Lee Hi looked up her own name on the web and saw what people had to say about her.

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While doing so, Lee Hi read a comment about herself that said, YG Entertainment’s biggest victim. Lee Hi is the best example of how neglectful YG is towards solo artists.

To this, Lee Hi looked confused and asked back, ‘Can they invest this much in newly debuted singers and promote them this much? He reassured fans, I don’t think of myself as a victim.

Lee Hi continued, I hope people don’t feel sorry for me. People started asking me, ‘When are you going to release another album?’ I don’t know why they’re looking at me like that. I’m so happy.

Back on July 22, Lee Hi was announced to officially join AOMG. The label introduced it enthusiastically and asked fans to look forward to the next chapter.

He left the agency last December after his exclusive contract ended. After speaking with other agencies including AOMG this year, he is now officially an AOMG artist.

AOMG is a hip hop and R&B label founded by Jay Park in 2013. Lee Hi joins a roster of artists that includes Jay Park himself, Simon D , Gray , LOCO and more. He released his comeback single “HOLO” on July 23.