Lee Da In ‘Accidentally’ Confirms Romance With Lee Seung Gi Is Safe Through Fan Uploads

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Lee Seung Gi And Lee Da In’s Love Affair Was Reportedly Broken. However, The Actress’ Latest Upload Does Not Seem To Intentionally Allude To Her Love Story.

Coinciding with her birthday, the beautiful actress Lee Da In recently showed off her happy moments through her latest Instagram upload. However, Lee Da In’s latest upload indirectly confirmed her relationship with her lover, Lee Seung Gi .

On Friday (5/11), Lee Da In celebrated his 28th birthday (international age). On the occasion of his birthday, Lee Da In held a birthday party with his acquaintances on that day. From his latest Instagram photo, Lee Da In is wearing a crown with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on her arm and smiling brightly.

Along with other Instastory uploads, Lee Da In seemed to re-upload his congratulations from fans intended for him. In particular, the congratulations that Lee Da In uploaded came from international fans such as Japan, Indonesia, to Iran.

Sorry I can’t upload the whole story. Thank you very much to everyone who gave greetings to celebrate my birthday, wrote Lee Da In giving his thanks to fans.

However, in the middle of uploading his Instastory, Lee Da In accidentally confirmed that his relationship was fine with his lover. This is because the fan’s upload from Indonesia reads, Happy birthday Ms. Dain, it lasts forever, brother Lee Seung Gi.

Hearing this, it seems that Lee Da In doesn’t understand the whole meaning of language. However, the fan also seems to have clearly listed Lee Seung Gi’s Instagram account and there is a high possibility that Lee Da In knows the meaning of his fan’s words. With this upload, it indicates that Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi’s relationship is indeed fine even though it was rumored to have broken up.

Meanwhile, Lee Da In is the daughter of actress Kyun Mi Ri . In May 2021, Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi confirmed by both parties that the two had indeed been in a relationship.

Lee Da In's new post reaps the spotlight, allegedly the results of Lee Seung Gi's shots

Lee Da In’s New Post Reaps The Spotlight, Allegedly The Results Of Lee Seung Gi’s Shots

Lee Da In Posted A Photo Of Herself Hanging Out On Social Media. Even Though They Didn’t Reveal Anything, Netizens Assumed That The Photo Behind Them Was A Shot By Lee Seung Gi.

On September 25, Lee Da In posted a photo of herself hanging out on social media. He didn’t reveal anything. However, netizens assume that the photo behind it is a shot by Lee Seung Gi. Netizens‘ suspicions even quickly rose to second place on the Naver portal.

Lee Seung Gi rarely shares anything about his personal life, especially romance. Lee Da In also never openly flaunts their relationship on social media. But netizens are sure that they are together in the photos.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi was born in 1987 and has the nickname “national son-in-law.” Lee Da In was born in 1992, five years younger than her boyfriend. She is the second daughter of famous actor Kyun Mi Ri and the younger sister of Lee Yu Bi .

According to the management company, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In recently started dating. But Dispatch has “unearthed” a series of evidence that proves that the two have been in love with each other for a long time.Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In decided to go public after their relationship was exposed by the media. Recently, netizens highlighted Lee Da In’s latest post on Instagram.

Back in May 2021, Lee Seung Gi was exposed by the newspaper Sports Khan to be dating Lee Da In. This is Lee Seung Gi’s second public relationship after Girls’ Generation’s YoonA .

Unfortunately this relationship did not receive public support due to the Lee Da In family scandal. Along with the actress’ sad status upload some time ago, many thought this couple had broken up.

However, in early September, through several acquaintances of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In, Korean media verified the relationship status of the couple. Despite the hectic schedule, the couple still spends time together and is still very happy.