Launch of Amazon del Plata, an environmental movie festival that will tour Tigre

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Amazon del Plata is a movie festival that will hold its fourth edition starting this Thursday, March 31, with free admission to the cultural centers of Tigre and Quilmes. In addition, it can be enjoyed at a Francoist level through a supposed platform.

Until April 10, the event will return in person and this year its axis will be “the questioning, sensitive and humanitarian, which recovers a non-utilitarian vision of nature” and will focus on water. “This meeting only makes us happy. With presence, we spread enthusiasm and affirm our commitments. It is essential to find each other ”, they explained from the order.

The festival will take place in two stages, changing district. First, from March 31 to April 3, it will appear in the Tigre match, while between April 7 and 9 it will arrive in Quilmes. On the other hand, during all these days, those who cannot appear in person will be able to follow it through the OctoberTV platform.

In Tigre, the places chosen were the Museum of the Reconquest, the Casa Sarmiento Museum, Jacarandá – Creation Space, The Cultural Industry and Vinyl – Artistic Laboratory. While in Quilmes, it will be held at the Espacio INCAA Quilmes, COVI and at the headquarters of the Fundación Comunidad Contemporánea.

The festival, organized by this foundation and with the support of the municipalities of Quilmes and Tigre, INCAA and Castello Errante- Residenza Internazionale del Cinema, will open this Thursday, March 31 at 6:00 p.m., at the Reconquista Museum (Padre Castañeda 470 , Tiger). In open and free entry, the understanding movie will be Bolivian family. From the Andes to the Amazon by Julia Blagny.

At 7:15 p.m., the short movie piano de hallucination , by Gonzalo Santiso, will be screened, about the hallucination of a group of wills from the delta islands who decide to carve two small planes to transport a community broadcaster by river in a large meadow. Then, with live music by Hernán Hayet (harmonium) and Cecilia Simone (tantán), the director Paulo Pecora will be present on the screen. Shadows a short movie shot in 16 mm in the delta islands, champion for best short movie in the Cóndor de Plata 2021. The short will accompany water is life by Sam Vinal XI contemporary by Hiroya Sakurai and Body of water_Flow confined by Helder Martinovsky.

This year, the festival offers an eclectic program about water problems and their consequences in neighboring towns, and among its 19 feature movies and more than forty short movies, almost part of which are Argentine audiovisual works, many are from Tigre. Therefore, one of the sections is named In excerpt: Delta .

Among the Argentine titles are the movie Nido by Miguel Baratta axiomas. The truth written in water by Marcela Luchetta, both recently released, the lord of the trees by Agustina Toia and Severo Callaci, This summer without a home and The roars that chase the storm by Santiago Real, The little harpoon you won’t bite by José David Apel, Leona de rio by Matías Bendito Mansilla, El paraiso by Ricky Piterbarg, among many others.

OPENING : Thursday, March 31. 18:00
Museum of the Reconquest Padre Castañeda 470 (Tigre)
Bolivian family. From the Andes to the Amazon, by Julia Blagny (France, 52′)
Water is life, by Sam Vinal (USA, 24′)
Hallucination Piano, by Gonzalo Santiso (Argentina, 15 ′)
The Stream XI, de Hiroya Sakurai (Japón, 8′)
Body of water_Confined flow, by Helder Martinovsky (Brazil, 15′)
The Shadows, by Paulo Pécora (Argentina, 16mm with live music, 20′)

Friday April 1. 7:00 p.m.
Tigre Cultural Industry on Route 202 N°1632 (Don Torcuato)
Summer in Colony Park, by Santiago Fredes (Argentina, 44′)
Keimzeit – The time of gestation, by Davide Grotta (Italy, 30′)
presentation of the honeysuckle vade mecum. Collecting stories to seed the future .

Friday April 1. 21:00
Jacaranda Space San Juan 811 (Pacheco)
Magdalene. A hallucination at the heart of the Colombian conflict, by Paolo Maoret (Italy, 54′)
Tribugá Expedition, by Felipe Mesa, Francisco Acosta, Luis Villegas, Jack Farine, Mariana Rivera, David Betancourt (Colombia, 52′)
Cuninico, where the jungle turns black, by Antonio López Díaz (Spain, 17′)
Trip and gravel, by Andrea Colbacchini (Italy, 26′)
Three Bees Flying Near a Tree, by Norbert G. Suchanek and Márcia Gomes de Oliveira (Brazil, 7:30 am)

Saturday April 2. 14:00
Casa Sarmiento Museum, River Sarmiento and Arroyo de Los Reyes
Sava, de Matthew Somerville (Macedonia, 72′)
Sunday, by Antonella Casanova and Sebastián Russo (Argentina, 3h51)
The filly’s sign, by Alfonso Piantini (Argentina, 3′)
The Coming of the Butler, by Diego Pogonza (Argentina, 4h41)
Strategic Islands, by Santiago Fredes (Argentina, 3:26)
This homeless summer, by Santiago Reale (Argentina, 9:14)
The roars that chase away the storm, by Santiago Reale (Argentina, 15:17)
River Lioness, by Matías Bendito Mansilla (Argentina, 13:31)
You will not bite the harpoon, by José David Apel (Argentina, 29:50)
Hallucination Piano, by Gonzalo Santiso (Argentina, 15 ′)
Description of the fire and the river, by Florencia Ruiz Ferretti (Argentina, 4′)
Tembladerales d’or, by Juan Ignacio Slobayen (Argentina, 2h38)

Saturday April 2. 21:00
Vinyl, Vilela 1206 art laboratory (Tigre)
Nest, by Miguel Baratta (Argentina, 60′)
Extinctions, by Maria Carneiro and Laura Antenzon (Argentina, 7:17 am)
Tree Memories. The settler from the south, by Santiago Serrano (Chile, 24′)
+ Dynamic. trio of voices
+ Karaoke with Eduardo Peduto
Suggested deduction contribution $400

Sunday April 3. 4 pm
Museum of the Reconquest Padre Castañeda 470 (Tigre)
The Lord of the Trees, by Agustina Toia and Severo Callaci (Argentina, 73′)
…And screaming I die, by Luis Bruzón Delgado (Honduras, 52′)
Pescamare, de Andrea Lodovichetti (Italy, 61 ′)
Sunday, by Antonella Casanova and Sebastián Russo (Argentina, 3h51)
The filly’s sign, by Alfonso Piantini (Argentina, 3′)
The Coming of the Butler, by Diego Pogonza (Argentina, 4h41)
Strategic Islands, by Santiago Fredes (Argentina, 3:26)
Shit Ironland, de Michael Geidel (Alemania, 11′)
C&C: La oscuridad de Prazer, by Valérie Loewensberg (Argentina, 4′)
Dream, by Majid Sabri (Iran, 3:39)
Penguin and Whale, by Ezequiel Torres, Pablo Roldán (Argentina, 2h40)

Sunday April 3. 7:00 p.m.
Jacaranda Space San Juan 811 (Pacheco)
Short movies by Lorena Cacefo
Observations (Argentina, 7:55), Glossary (Argentina, 5:05), Inhabitant (Argentina, 8:17)
Shorts by Hiroya Sakurai
The Stream IX (Japan, 5:37), The Stream XI (Japan, 8′)
+ poetry + performance + video art + music