Latest Facts on One Piece Luffy’s family tree


1. His grandfather was a hero of the navy!

Luffy’s grandfather was Monkey D. Garp and he is one of the most prominent figures in Navy history. Even Monkey D. Garp is included as the strongest Marine in history. He managed to defeat Don Chinjao, a fugitive worth 400 million Belly with just one hit.

Garp was introduced in the Water 7 arc and he gave a striking introduction to himself. Garp’s strength is almost unmatched in the Navy. He came to be known as a Marine Hero after dealing with a legendary pirate crew known as the Rocks Pirates. Garp teamed up with the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger and defeated Rocks D. Xebec and his crew.

Garp also made a ridiculous statement regarding Luffy’s own father, even though Luffy didn’t know who his father was.

2. His father was a revolutionary and most wanted man!

Without a doubt, he is one of the most mysterious characters in the One Piece series, surpassing Shanks by far. Dragons are only featured in the series, but there is no information about their abilities even though One Piece has more than 1000 chapters.

In the story, Dragon founded the Revolutionary Army many years ago and he has rebelled against the World Government. Although it is never shown how powerful this Dragon is, he has appeared several times and one of them was saving Luffy from Smoker in Logue Town.

If you pay attention, when a Dragon appears, there will always be wind and cloudy clouds around it. This has led to many theories emerging that Dragon also eats a powerful devil fruit that can control the weather. If the theory is correct, it will definitely be more exciting.

3. Luffy and his family are world famous

Luffy hardly needs an introduction because he is the protagonist of the One Piece series. He was inspired by Shanks to become a pirate, and since then, Luffy’s eyes have always been on the ultimate prize which is the title of Pirate King. Luffy has managed to defeat many famous pirates so far and will continue to pursue his dream.

This made him even more famous, and his connections with some of the famous families in the ocean made him also rise to fame. After the Whole Cake Island arc, Luffy’s price as a fugitive rose by more than 1 Billion belly. This condition earned him the title of “Fifth Yonko“.

However, Luffy still has a long way to go before he can truly match the power level of a Yonko. Now Luffy has grown into one of the biggest problems for the World Government.

4. Member of the D clan

It is unknown what exactly the Will of D is and how many people have it. The three members of Luffy are famous all over the world for this and other reasons.

Luffy is a man who will become a Yonko and Pirate King in the future. Even Dragon calls Luffy as The Most Wanted Man in The World which the title believes in the fact that Luffy is a dangerous person in the world.

5. Rivals of the pirate king

Every pirate aspires to be the Pirate King, but only a handful of pirates come close to the group. The Yonko are the closest pirates to that level. The Yonko only consisted of four pirates, and that proved how strong the Pirate King would be.

6. This family is in trouble

Sengoku told Garp when Luffy wanted to fight Kaido that the Garp family had a troubled family. When Sengoku said that, Garp just laughed. Although Garp is a Marine, he does not uphold the absolute justice advocated by the Marines. He was also not one of the people who would obey orders.

Garp tends to just do whatever he pleases. His son, Dragon, is the world’s most wanted criminal and is the leader of the Revolutionary Army, and the World Government is always looking for him.