Last Christmas Review: Becoming a Better Person on Christmas


Katarina (Emilia Clarke) is a woman who dreams of becoming a singer. However, the dream never came true and he worked as a shopkeeper in Central London. He doesn’t have a place to live, commits many small mistakes that accumulate, and refuses to have good relations with his family. Towards Christmas Day, Katarina meets Tom (Henry Golding) who motivates her to be more grateful for life.

“Last Christmas” is a romantic drama film released in 2019, now we can stream it on Netflix. Adapted from the song ‘Last Christmas’ by George Michael, Paul Feig conjures the lyrics into a love story with a splash of Christmas magic.

Protagonist with Quarter Life Crisis and Manic Pixie Dream Man
Katarina or Kate, will be our protagonists who have a quarter life crisis problem. Seeing mature characters with unstable lives and making trouble for those around them is not a pleasant thing. However, the plot is saved by the presence of Tom who seems wiser and kinder. This is where the scenario of the ‘life victim’ encounter with the ‘manic pixie dream man’ is created. Where there is a character who is slumped, then for reasons that are not clear, a horse prince appears who wants to help selflessly. Almost perfect like an angel that came down from the sky.

One of the best decisions the film has made is the casting of Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. Although popular as a queen with a scary dragon in Game of Thrones, Emilia as a celebrity herself has the prestige of being a loveable actor.

Like Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz, and other female actors who have charisma. Makes us want to understand his messy personality at the beginning of the story. Henry Golding also qualifies as a boyfriend material figure. We can see its positive radiance and helping nature even without much exploration of the characterizations.

Using the Spirit of Christmas Kindness and Love to Become a Better Person
Rather than a simple but magical romance between Kate and Tom, this film focuses more on developing Kate’s standard of living. There are moments in his life that make him feel a crisis of identity and existence. Be the reason why he changed from something special to someone who is not talented. Tom as a “perfect” character, is here to provide a better dialogue and continuation of the story for Kate, for us as well as the audience.

More than just a romance film, “Last Christmas” has a clear message to convey, for those of us who are feeling lost. The scriptwriter was inspired by the Christmas spirit which is synonymous with sharing gifts, sharing happiness, and doing good. Through Kate, we are given the motivation that, perhaps, we can change our dreary lives for the better, if only we will decide to start with the good. At least that’s the message we will get after watching this film.

Keep Entertaining and Make Baper with All the Cliches
We may not be ready with the twist that this film presents in the last act. The twist is quite surprising and will make us feel strange in the overall plot that we have passed. In the end, this story will make us lovers of romantic drama films feel bored. Not too long and dramatic, but manages to give a touch of sweet-bitter melodrama. Answering our question why this film was given “Last Christmas”.

Speaking of lighthearted Christmas romances, abandon all our ideals of high-quality films. Some of us may notice that “Last Christmas” has a low rating in some well-known film review media.

With all the clichéd aspects of the story, “Last Christmas” is one film that is still worth watching. The storyline is chronological, focused, and has a clear message to convey. The cliché seasoning that is sprinkled is essential to create a story that gives hope and happiness to the audience. That everything will be okay, even though life is hard right now.