Lack of titles, these top 5 players of Football remain loyal to the club they defend

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Football, as one of the sports, has a competition that is followed by many contestants. Therefore, often the stigma associated with the success of a club or footballer is determined by the number of titles or trophies they have won.

Many famous players have tasted a series of titles after prestigious titles. However, there are also some names who do not feel this way because they choose to remain loyal to the club they are defending, such as the following five players.

1. Wilfried Zaha

Wilfried Zaha and Crystal Palace are like two inseparable things. From a young age, Zaha has joined the Eagles academy team to develop his football talent. The long wait finally arrived in 2010 after he was promoted to the Palace main squad.

The twists and turns of Zaha’s togetherness with The Eagles are complicated. He actually had moved to Manchester United, but failed to shine. In the end, Palace became the best place in his career so far. He has appeared 425 times in all competitions despite not being able to present the prestigious title.

2. Son Heung Min

Son Heung Min landed at Tottenham Hotspur in the summer of 2015. Since then his name has become widely known thanks to his impressive performances on the front lines of The Lilywhites. He has won several individual awards while defending the Spurs, one of which is the 2020 Puskas Award.

In addition to being skilled on the field, Son is also a loyal figure. He even just extended his contract with the Spurs until 2025 later. Despite his loyalty, Son has never tasted a single title with the Spurs at the age of 29 years.

3. Iago Aspas

Celta Vigo’s thick blood has been firmly embedded in Iago Aspas’ body. He spent most of his career with the LaLiga club with shiny statistics. Noted, the Spanish passport player began to enter the main squad for Celta Vigo in 2009 ago.

Aspas actually had time to leave for Liverpool and Sevilla. Unfortunately, he failed to shine and decided to return to Celta Vigo in the 2015/2016 season. Aspas became the mainstay of his team in creating goal after goal despite failing to win any titles until now.

4. Marco Reus

Born and raised in Dortmund, Marco Reus’s loyalty to his city is very big. In his professional career alone, Reus chose to remain loyal to defend Borussia Dortmund despite many offers that came from other clubs. He was even lined up to be the main captain of Die Borussen.

Reus has made 353 appearances for Dortmund in all competitions. However, his loyalty was not followed by Dortmund’s achievements which tend to stagnate. It is noted that Die Borussen only won a series of domestic trophies while being defended by Reus, including two DFB Pokal titles.

5. Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris’ career journey is probably the opposite of that of most other footballers. While other players tend to be more successful at club level, Lloris has experienced the opposite. He has never won any trophies while defending Tottenham Hotspur in the last decade.

His achievements at the club are even different than when he defended the French national team. Overall, Lloris successfully presented the World Cup title and the UEFA Nations League for his country. Regardless of his situation with the Spurs, Lloris’ loyalty to his team is definitely not something that is easy to do.

The title is seen as a symbol of the success of a club or player in the world of sports, including football. However, more than that, the loyalty of the players above certainly deserves appreciation. Who’s your favourite?