La Liga: The story when Xavi Hernandez almost defected to Real Madrid because of his father’s anger


Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two biggest teams and full of long history in the Spanish League. The two teams seemed to be two poles in the football of the Matador country, which led to a fierce rivalry.

The Spanish football public also knows the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid with the term El Clasico. Every meeting of the two good teams in their respective homes always presents a fierce and hot game.

The rivalry between the two teams is not only about the title race or achievements outside of Spain. But it also spreads to players who seem anti-to-change uniforms or cross in their careers.

The name Luis Figo may be an example of a Barcelona star crossing to Los Blancos. His move made Barca fans angry and disappointed, to the point of terrorizing the player.

It turns out that the name Xavi Hernandeez also almost suffered the same fate as Luis Figo. The great Barcelona legend had the opportunity to move to the Santiago Bernabeu in the 1998-1999 season. Now Xavi Hernandez is the coach of Barcelona.

Father’s Complaint
In a match on 10 January 1999, Barcelona hosted Athletic Bilbao at Camp Nou and their then coach Louis Van Gaal chose the experienced Pep Guardiola over the 18 year old Xavi Hernandez.

Xavi Hernandez is in good form and the Dutch coach’s decision seems to be an unfair decision. It was Xavi’s father named Joaqiun who then complained to Manuel Angel Romero, a Real Madrid scout in Catalonia, at that time.

“They don’t know what players they have, what players Xavi is, it’s like they’re just looking at Pep,” Joaquin told Romero.

“Tomorrow if you want, let’s go to Real Madrid.”

On the other hand, Romero is a figure who managed to bring many talented Catalan players to Barcelona. When Xavi’s father expressed his frustration at Van Gaal’s decision, Romero turned to Paco Jimenez, one of Vicente del Bosque’s confidants, to ask him to inform Los Blancos.

“I said to Paco, did you hear? Tell the club. He looked at me very seriously. ‘What do you want? Getting into trouble?,’ Romero told MARCA.

Destiny in Barcelona
Xavi came off the bench with half an hour remaining and Barcelona sealed a 4-2 win over the Basques.

“Of course, I would sign Xavi. I was at CE Mercantil and I wanted to sign him when he was very young,” recalls Romero

“We are in the same category. Xavi is smaller, but he’s already played with Alevin A. He’s great! I want to sign him. I spoke to his father, who owns a carpentry and we talked about how to get the boy. to go from Terrassa to Sabadell.

Special Player
Romero also revealed that nine-year-old Xavi would offer him an in-depth surveillance report on rivals while playing at Terrassa (the team Xavi played for as a youth).

“No internet or anything like that. Xavi’s dad calls me every Sunday, because the team that played against Terrassa will play us the following week. When I asked him he said: ‘Wait, I’ll give you Xavi.’

“And [Xavi] gave me a perfect report. He explained everything about the rivals, which players we have to watch out for, how they commit fouls, corner kicks. Amazing. Of course, I would like to [sign] him for Real Madrid, as he did. he wanted for Mercantil,” Romero recalled.