La Liga: Lost by Real Madrid in El Clasico, Barcelona hit by Drake’s curse

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La Liga: Lost by Real Madrid in El Clasico, Barcelona hit by Drake’s curse


There was one party to blame when Barcelona lost to Real Madrid in the 11th La Liga match, Sunday (16/10/2022) night WIB. The figure is the rapper, Drake.

Barcelona lost 1-3 to Real Madrid in the inaugural edition of this season’s El Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu. Los Cules was made immobile because it was called a victim of the ‘Drake Curse’.

In that match, Barcelona did wear a special jersey. The jersey has a logo on Drake’s label, OVO.

The logo is displayed on the front of the Barcelona jersey to celebrate the achievement of 50 million streams on Spotify. It is known, Spotify is the main sponsor of Barcelona.

The installation of the Drake logo is associated with a curse on Barcelona. Drake has recently been known to have bad luck.


Lose 8.6 Billion Rupiah

The 1-3 defeat experienced by Barcelona not only made Barca fans sad. Drake should have experienced the same grief.

Minor results that make Drake lost 500 thousand pounds, or about 8.6 billion rupiah. The Canadian rapper is known to have bet on Xavi Hernandez’s side and Arsenal to win the match last weekend.

Arsenal did manage to win 1-0 at Leeds United headquarters. Bukayo Saka scored the winning goal for the Gunners in the 35th minute.

However, Barca could not follow Arsenal’s steps. Robert Lewandwoski et al. lost after Karim Benzema, Fede Valverde and Rodrygo scored. Meanwhile, Barcelona’s only goal against Real Madrid was scored by Ferran Torres.


Long List

Barcelona’s loss to Real Madrid adds to the long list of unlucky teams or athletes after they came into contact with Drake.

The misfortune had experienced Manchester City. They lost to Tottenham Hotspur in the 2019 Champions League quarter-finals after City striker Sergio Aguero posed for a photo with Drake.

In terms of betting, Drake also often loses. Not long ago, the 35-year-old rapper lost hundreds of thousands of pounds when betting on a free-fight match.


Losing Top Position

Losing to Real Madrid was Barcelona’s first defeat in La Liga this season. Previously, they underwent nine matches without swallowing minor results.

The nicks make Barca have to lose the top position of the standings won by Real Madrid. Barca is now in second place with 22 points. Left behind by three points from Los Blancos who rose to the top.

Barcelona certainly has to get up soon to keep the chances of winning in La Liga this season. Nearby, Sergio Busquets and colleagues will host Villarreal. This match will be held on Friday (21/10/2022).