La Liga: 2 Barcelona Operation Options to Return Lionel Messi

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La Liga: 2 Barcelona Operation Options to Return Lionel Messi


Barcelona are reportedly discussing plans to bring back Lionel Messi from PSG.

According to a report by Marca, Sunday (9/25/2022), Barca president, Joan Laporta, prepared various possible formulas to improve the relationship between the Blaugrana and the greatest player who ever wore their jersey.
He considered the return of Messi is an urgent matter to be resolved immediately.

One of the possibilities is for the club to pay tribute to Messi and everything he did for and with Barcelona.

Salary expense

This plan will also involve making him an ambassador for Barcelona around the world.

The other option, which is a bit more complex, is to bring Messi back to Camp Nou as a player.

Xavi would be very interested in this, but it would be a very big money operation. It is known, Lionel Messi’s salary has been a very big burden for Barca.

Not Selling House yet

Relations between Laporta and Messi have recovered and are considered good, although the Argentine eventually left the club.

Some sources say they have been in touch by phone, although Messi’s side denies this.

Messi, however, has never ruled out a return to Barcelona,a place he considers home in many ways.

Messi also has not sold his house in Castelldefels and still visits from time to time.

Xavi’s wish

Although Messi, has started the new season with PSG in promising form, Spanish journalist Guillem Balague believes Xavi is keen to re-sign the Argentine international.

The report suggests that Xavi is looking for players like Bernardo Silva and Messi, who have the ability to play the game he envisions.

Barcelona have a big chance to get Silva this summer. However, they may have to wait until Messi’s contract at PSG expires next year to sign the 35-year-old.

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