Kyuhyun’s secret to getting rich regardless (SuJu)

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As an artist of the “older” generation in SM Entertainment, the youngest member, Super Junior, always pays special attention to artists from rival companies for an unexpected reason.

Recently, member Kyuhyun (SuJu) took on the role of hosting the show “Look, My Shoulder’s Dislocated” with Mino (Winner) and the first-generation idol Jiwon (Sechskies). The trio will visit different restaurants in Korea to sip wine and have a good time chatting with the guests. In the latest episode with the appearance of two ITZY members, Kyuhyun revealed a humorous story about his ambition to get rich in investing in stocks.

Specifically, when Kyuhyun expressed his intention to consider changing the date of SM’s trainee selection contests, the Sechskies leader asked him, “Who do you think you are? Aren’t you just a singer under the company?” In response, the vocalist “At Gwanghwamun” said that he is also a shareholder of the company and has been investing in stocks since 2018. More specifically, the male idol revealed that not only SM but also bought it. stocks from both JYP and YG Entertainment.

Like other investors, Kyuhyun has high expectations for the growth of numbers on the stock exchange. Although he is the “chicken” of SM, he still pays special attention to rival company artists for fear of… stock price drops. The youngest member of Super Junior always prays for success to his juniors: “Do well, ITZY! Everyone must try! That’s great, aespa!…” . After that, the fact that Black Pink became a global hit while ITZY was a bright face in the 4th generation made him extremely happy because he helped increase the stock prices of companies and brought profits to the company. me.

Kyuhyun’s reaction made the studio laugh because of his plan to get rich. Not only that, when Mino and Yeji mentioned the return of Black Pink or ITZY in the near future, the male idol also wandered around looking for his phone to check his personal investments. Although it is just a small funny story, fans are also very excited when idols of different generations and companies can gather and interact with each other naturally.