Kylie Jenner Announces New Name for Second Child, Boy sharing photos of her child via uploads on Instagram Story


Kylie Jenner announced the name of her second child with Travis Scott, namely Aire Webster. Kylie Jenner announced the name of her child while sharing photos of her child via uploads on Instagram Story on Sunday (22/1).

Initially, the child of Kylie and Travis Scott, who was born in February, was named Wolf Jacques Webster. However, Kylie announced in March that her second child’s name was “no longer Wolf.”

“We really don’t feel like it’s him. Just want to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere,” Kylie said some time ago.

Kylie officially announced that she was pregnant with her second child in September 2021 through a number of videos posted on social media. The video begins by showing the results of her pregnancy test.

Seeing the test results, Travis immediately hugged Kylie tightly. Stormi, Kylie and Travis’ first child, is also in the 1 minute 15 second video.

Kylie Jenner has been more open about her pregnancy and the birth of her second child than she did with her first child, Stormi.

In February 2018, Kylie Jenner shocked the world with the announcement that she had given birth to the daughter she had been hiding from the public.

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott dated after meeting at the 2017 Coachella music festival.

“For information, our son’s name is not Wolf anymore. We feel that name is not for him,” said Kylie Jenner. “Just wanted to share because I see the name Wolf everywhere,” he concluded.

But in this post, Kylie Jenner did not reveal a substitute name for her son. He also did not say whether the name change also applies to his son’s middle name, Jacques.

Kylie Jenner announced the birth of her second child with Travis Scott on February 2, 2022 through her Instagram account. The post immediately received a good response from netizens. Even in just one hour, the post already got more than 6 million likes.

A number of celebrities such as the Kardashian family to Hailey Bieber also commented. Hailey Bieber gave a comment in the form of a moved emoticon while Khloe Kardashian gave a blue heart emoticon.

Kylie Jenner was excited about the news that she was pregnant with her second child since June 2021. At that time, fans were surprised because she didn’t drink tequila at the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) reunion. They also mentioned that Stormie’s mother was pregnant because she did not drink alcohol at all there.

Kylie Jenner is known to have always managed to hide her pregnancy well. As in her first pregnancy with Stormi Webster, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was only found out to be pregnant after several months.

In the black and white photo on his Instagram account, you can see the hands of the newborn baby. Meanwhile, the hand holding the baby is believed to belong to her sister, Stormi. Neither Kylie nor Travis have announced the name of their second child. As reported by Antara.

Kylie Jenner Reportedly Pregnant in August 2021
Before the birth of this Hollywood couple’s second son, local media had speculated regarding the news of the pregnancy of the wife of musician Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner.

His curiosity was finally revealed when he received news that Kyle was reported to be pregnant in August.

Jenner also posted flowers sent to her and Scott, 30, from members of famous families such as her older sister Kim Kardashian-West.

It is known that Jenner and Scott have been dating since 2017, but the two reportedly split in 2019 and continue to co-parent their daughter.

They reconciled in 2021. Jenner announced she was pregnant in September and had a baby shower in January.