KURT COBAIN’s Suicide Records and Conspiracy Theories: “BETTER BURN THAN DROP OUT”

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Kurt Cobain’s death was officially declared a suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the brain with a 20-gauge Remington rifle in April 1994. Depressed and high on heroin, the singer barricaded himself in the greenhouse of his Seattle home. There he shot himself, surrounded by sunglasses, a cigar box he used to hide his stash, and, of course, one of the most talked about suicide notes in music history.

“Better burn out than disappear,” Cobain wrote, unaware that this reference to a Neil Young song would become a rallying cry for depressed teens everywhere. In fact, it took only a few days for his first fan to commit suicide following his example.

Some say that Kurt Cobain’s suicide note was an unfinished draft for the band, a sort of farewell note that would signal the end of Nirvana and a new direction for his musical career. I’ve spoken to Michael Stipe of R.E.M. about working together and seemed disillusioned with his grunge personality.

Those who adhere to this theory are also inclined to believe that the second half of Kurt Cobain’s suicide note was forged by his own wife, Courtney Love. With the couple’s relationship falling apart amid addiction and stress to lead, Cobain made frequent mention of divorce during the last year of his life.

Cobain overdosed on champagne and Rohypnol in a Rome hotel room a month before his body was found in his Seattle greenhouse. He swallowed 50 pills and left a note. The incident was initially described as an accident, but was later declared a suicide attempt which Cobain himself denied. He just took all his and Courtney’s money and would run away and disappear.”

After a few days in a California rehab center, Kurt told staff he was going out for a smoke. He climbed the brick wall and flew back to Seattle before his wife could pay off their credit card. Love hires private detective Tom Grant to find her husband, while Cobain’s mother, Wendy O’Connor, issues a missing persons report. Even though his house was searched, no one thought to look into his garage or the greenhouse above.

It’s unclear what exactly happened between April 4 and 5, except that Kurt Cobain probably leaned a bench against the conservatory’s French door and remained inside, did drugs, perhaps wrote or finished notes, and ended up sticking a bullet in himself.

Cobain pointed the note at his imaginary childhood friend, Boddah. The note was written in red ink. Several sentences were crossed out and the writing seemed more rushed and erratic in the second half. That Cobain chose to pass this note on to Boddah could mean that the singer feels that no one else in the real world will understand him. Boddah became one of the protective figures for young Cobain. With his parents’ divorce and the disbandment of his family as he knows it, Cobain must have sought peace in this imaginary friend.

After smoking his last cigarette and reloading his rifle, Cobain used up his remaining heroin and shot himself right over the K-shaped tattoo. He got out of bed and went to the closet, where he removed the board from the table. Wall . In this secret hole is a box of rifle bullets and a box of cigars. He put the board back down, pocketed the bullet, grabbed the cigar box, and held the rifle in his left arm. In the hall cupboard, he took out two towels. He didn’t need it, but someone would appreciate it later.

Was Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Records Forged?
The disturbing scene of the singer’s suicide and death inspires all fans of the conspiracy. Some of them even thought of the option that he would be killed by his own wife.

The 2015 documentary Soaked In Bleach offers a deeply disturbing alternative to the official narrative surrounding Cobain’s suicide. The film chronicles his final days, primarily through Tom Grant, the investigator Love hired to find him.

Tom Grant had been the subject of a similar documentary, Kurt & Courtney, in 1998, in which he stated that Love only hired him to investigate, and that he should not be considered a suspect. The theory is that Cobain was killed in a conspiracy orchestrated by Love and the case should be reopened.

Conspiracy theories, while tempting, don’t change the fact that Kurt Cobain is dead. At a minimum, his long-standing struggle with depression and drug use, as well as an intimate suicide note, makes the case Interesting suicide.