Kpop: BLACKPINK reveals a huge World Tour, queen Lee Hyori and her husband reappear

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Besides the information about the Born Pink World Tour, the Kpop news on August 9 will be very happy news for fans.

BLACKPINK announces World Tour Born Pink schedule, scale up to 1.5 million spectators

After the information about the world tour was revealed on August 1, BLACKPINK has officially released a specific schedule for their World Tour. According to the information revealed on the poster, there have been 36 concerts in the first 26 cities announced.

Specifically, the Born Pink tour will open in Seoul, Korea from October 15-16, 2022. The group will then immediately head to North America and perform 10 concerts in seven different cities across the United States and Canada.

From the end of November to December of this year, BLACKPINK will visit Europe and hold 7 concerts in 6 major cities. In early 2023, the 4 YG girls will go to Asia and the Middle East. In the summer, the group will continue touring in Australia and New Zealand.

In particular, the poster also attached the words “and more” showing that the concerts have not really stopped. Maybe YG and BLACKPINK will continue to bring surprises when naming the next cities.

Talking about BLACKPINK’s Born Pink World Tour , YG Entertainment said, “We have designed and planned to prepare for the tour not only with the scale of ARENA but also the STADIUM tour. Right now, we’re going to have to take the tour. I’m working together to create the best performances with the best staff in each field.”

It is known that the capacity for 1 night of ARENA scale will be about 20,000 spectators, and for STADIUM will be about 40,000 people. Thus, with a total of 36 concerts announced, BLACKPINK is expected to welcome about 1.5 million spectators to see them perform.

Queen Lee Hyori returns, releases new single with husband Lee Sang Soon

A very happy news for Kpop fans is the return of female singer Lee Hyori after a long time. Especially this time, she will together with her husband Lee Sang Yoon release the song ” I Am Happy From Today”.

Reportedly, I Am Happy From Today is a song that shares the message that: “We should escape the world for a short time and meet the self within our hearts, we can explore the universe right away. even in a small flower”.

The song was written and composed by Jo Dong Hee and Jo Dong Ik, with Lee Hyori as the lead vocalist. In addition, Lee Hyori’s husband Lee Sang Soon will play the guitar and singer Jang Pil Soon will arrange the arrangement.

” I Am Happy From Today ” will be released on many online music sites at 6 pm (KST) August 11.

EXID holds a special 10th anniversary live broadcast titled We Are EXID

Recently, EXID announced that the group will reunite in a special live broadcast to celebrate their 10th debut anniversary on August 13. The special live broadcast will be broadcast exclusively on Naver NOW and showcases stories from the past 10 years of EXID. Along with that, the members will also perform live together the old songs that made the group’s name.

Previously, the EXID members revealed about their reunion with fans on Instagram. Specifically, each member posted a letter to the LEGGO, the group’s fandom. This reunion is really a special and meaningful gift for the fans who have always followed EXID all this time.

TWICE heavy trailer hé lộ concept album BETWEEN 1 & 2

After many days of waiting, recently, JYP girl group – TWICE has released a trailer video for the group’s new album called BETWEEN 1 & 2 . In the video, TWICE members are in a secret hiding space, the image of scientists studying is reminiscent of sci-fi action movies.

Previously, a part of the group’s new song’s melody was pre-released on TikTok with an exciting and addictive beat. This makes fans even more curious about the song. On the other hand, the group’s 11th mini-album titled ” BETWEEN 1 & 2 ” will be officially released on August 26 at 13 pm (KST).

IVE releases first concept photo for single After LIKE

K-Pop girl group IVE has officially released the first set of concept photos for the group’s upcoming third single titled After LIKE . In the photo, 3 members Rei, Jang Wonyoung and Liz are showing their individual charisma and energy.

Reportedly, this new single will be the group’s first comeback in four months. The single includes the title track ” After LIKE ” and the b-side track ” My Satisatis” . Considered as a potential K-pop girl group in recent years, fans are eagerly waiting to see how IVE will transform through this new single.

Wheein (MAMAMOO) shows off photos of traveling in Vietnam

Recently, Vietnamese fans were surprised when MAMAMOO’s Wheein suddenly posted a series of photos from her trip to Vietnam on her personal Instagram. It is known that the female singer had a visit to Hanoi without anyone knowing. However, fans still hope that she will have fun and interesting experiences in the S-shaped country.