KPop Aespa Coachella stage and These 5 Korean musicians have performed

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The horrendous news about the presence of Aespa on the Coachella 2022 stage did make KPop fans hysterical. No wonder because Coachella itself is known as the biggest festival in the United States since 1999 which has presented dozens of famous stars.

Not only did Aespa successfully showcase their talents on this dream stage, a row of other Korean musicians appeared to have performed at Coachella which succeeded in captivating the audience. Who are they? Let see the list below!

1. Epik High

Epik High is one of the Korean musicians who has performed on the Coachella stage in 2016. At that time they succeeded in making history by becoming the first Korean musicians to appear at this annual music festival.

Not stopping with their popularity, Epik High also performed at Coachella in 2022. Previously they also performed in 2020 so Epik High is known as the first Korean musician to perform at Coachella 3 times.


Next there is Hyukoh, which is known as an indie music group from South Korea which has a series of songs that can hypnotize listeners. No wonder they were also invited to appear on the Coachella stage in 2019.

Of course, their performance was successful in enlivening the Coachella stage, which made their name more fragrant and soaring. Until now, Hyukoh has become this group that has its own place in the hearts of its fans.


Still in 2019, BLACKPINK was also one of the Korean musicians invited to appear on the Coachella stage. Their performance successfully rocked the stage and shocked the fans.

After appearing on this stage, BLACKPINK successfully catapulted their career higher and higher until as we know it today. They are really stunning!

3. CL

CL is the next Korean musician to be invited to perform at Coachella 2022. CL is indeed known as one of the legendary Korean musicians with her hit songs that are loved in various parts of the world.

CL also often appears in several classy international events so that her existence cannot be doubted. Goddess is different huh!

4. 2NE1

Surprisingly, after a long hiatus and all of its members leaving the old agency, 2NE1 made a surprise appearance on the Coachella 2022 stage. This successfully made fans hysterical and released their longing for their hit song.

The musicians above really make KPopers proud because they have successfully performed at prestigious events like Coachella. Hello!

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