Kotaro Lives Alone Movie (Netflix) – Please don’t leave me alone! [REVIEW]


Kotaro Lives Alone – “The writer feels this is one of the best anime to watch this year and strongly recommends to everyone…”

Kotaro Lives Alone is one of the hottest anime not only on Netflix streaming platform but also on social networks these days. The film received extremely positive responses from the audience unexpectedly. So is there anything in the anime that makes people stir and does it deserve the compliments on https://www.portabrace.com/profile/doctor-strange-online-castellano/profile social networks in the past? Therefore, the writer hastily looked at it and gave his truest feelings.

Adapted from the manga of the same name (Kotarou wa Hitorigurashi) , the Kotaro Lives Alone anime is a humorous, everyday story revolving around the lives of several residents in a rather small, run-down apartment complex and Kotaro – a small member age just moved in. Kotaro was quickly noticed and cared for by everyone around him because he was a very special boy, he was tiny, only about 4 years old, but he lived alone, without a guardian to take care of him.https://www.portabrace.com/profile/padre-stu-onine-castellano/profile  Although, his neighbors are all people who do not have high status in society, but they are extremely warm, always caring, and taking care of Kotaro without any fuss. But this boy has a rather strange personality that makes people both love and hurt.

At a glance, you feel that this series is like any other normal anime comedy, slice of life. But believe me, I was also surprised from the very first episode. Honestly, the writer hasn’t seen the manga so I can’t compare it, but I believe that the rating score is much higher than expected, which is extremely well deserved. At first, the audience may be intimidated by the simple, strange, unpolished lines of the anime. https://zenodo.org/communities/sonic2-streamdeutsch-konstelons-fgd/?page=1&size=20 But the more you look at it, the more you will feel that part of the image fits the content in a strange way.

Kotaro is only 4 years old, even though he lives alone, he is always neat, clean, bright as if he is well cared for. But, in fact, those things were the boy’s maturity before the age that should only know how to eat, sleep and play. Every day, Kotaro himself cleans the house, goes to the market, cooks, takes a bath, and even acts like a real adult. Seeing the lonely situation, it was too early to understand that the neighbors couldn’t help but feel reassured.

They spend a lot of their time with Kotaro, although he sometimes acts cold or proves that he doesn’t need that kind of attention. Since you think you’re an adult, you can handle it. But hidden in every detail, viewers can realize that the boy always feels lonely, scared and earnestly wants to have his family by his side. Perhaps the difficult word that is rarely said from Kotaro himself in Kotaro Lives Alone is: “Don’t leave me/nephew/ alone…” But for fear of being a burden, a nuisance to everyone. around, so Kotaro only knows how to use actions and words mixed with a little old man nature but also childish and sincere to treat people.

The writer does not want to spoil too much Kotaro Lives Alone content , so I will not reveal more information. But that’s all, you will also feel that: for a child to understand such a thing, how much pain and hurt must have happened? On the surface, though, the film is light-hearted stories and humorous situations. On the contrary, the more we look at it, the more profound and heartbreaking it becomes. https://www.portabrace.com/profile/una-cita-con-el-pasado-onlinehd/profile Kotaro may be an unhappy boy but he is also a very lucky kid. Why? Because around him, there are neighbors who are not related by blood, delicate and full of love.

We have a guy, Karino, who lives in vain in all aspects of life, from romantic relationships, to taking care of the house to work, and is nowhere near. Karino left the house messy, all day lazy at home, dating but the name of his girlfriend can’t even remember. Then, suddenly, he volunteered to become the nanny of a strange kid, who just appeared out of nowhere. Or the beautiful bar hostess – Mizuki, who is quite struggling with her night job and her parasitic boyfriend. And the uncle who looks like the gypsy Tamaru was rejected by his wife and children. They and the other characters all sympathize and voluntarily care, care, and love Kotaro in a very subtle way for fear of touching the boy’s loneliness.

Again and again, it’s not natural that Kotaro is loved. In a very natural way, Kotaro entered the lives of people as lonely as the boy,  https://www.portabrace.com/profile/chuyen-ma-gan-nha-fullhd/profile adults lost in the harsh society. He lit a lamp of affection for each person, who found themselves unrecognized or needed and rejected and taken advantage of. Through each episode, the audience can see that since the day Kotaro arrived, the life of the degraded apartment building is getting warmer and warmer and the other characters are also gradually changing and trying to change themselves every day, little by little. one.

They always feel that having more Kotaro is not an additional burden, but rather a younger brother, grandchild, a child that they have to be responsible for. Since then, the responsibility to themselves and the society in them has become better and better, without any coercion or constraints.