Korean Music Awards 2022: Very Special ‘Song Of The Year’ Trophy, Now Aligned With SNSD


The Four-Member Group Has Collected Various Trophies Since Their Debut. Aespa’s Final Win Allowed Them To Join Girls’ Generation.

SM Entertainment’s “monster rookie group” aespa is once again making history, this time at this year’s Korean Music Awards. Karina and friends made history with the awards they won.

The four-member group has collected various trophies since their debut. Aespa’s recent win allowed them to join Girls’ Generation as the only girl group to make one special achievement at the prestigious Korean Music Awards.

After a great year in which aespa won the Rookie of the Year category at all major award shows, the group is officially the fourth generation K-Pop girl group to receive the most new rookie awards.

It’s pretty impressive that aespa was the group with the most nominations at this year’s Korean Music Awards, but they ended up getting three big awards (out of four nominations). They won in the Best K-Pop Song category. Rookie of the Year, and Song of the Year.

The array of awards effectively cemented the aespa’s status as one of the leaders of their generation. But the Song of the Year trophy has a special meaning for this girl group that debuted in November 2020. aespa won with the mega-hit “Next level,” meaning they’re the second girl group to win in this category.

The only other girl group in Korean Music Awards history to receive this grand prize is Girls’ Generation, who won with “Gee” in 2010. Incidentally, Girls’ Generation are aespa seniors at SM Entertainment, and the members have been known to be very supportive of aespa and another junior group.

Although aespa may only be the second girl group to win the top prize at the Korean Music Awards, aespa’s win also made them the first fourth generation idol group to ever win the grand prize there. Considering all of Aespa’s impressive achievements, fans are pointing out that SM Entertainment really hit the jackpot with this group.

In the short time since they debuted, aespa have proven to be true pioneers. It will be interesting to see what they achieve next, as they still have a whole career ahead of them!