KOREAN MOVIES! “Pachinko”, ch. 7: schedules, link and trailer of the Lee Min Ho and Minha Kim

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Lee Min Ho will be the main figure in “Pachinko” chapter 7 . In this penultimate broadcast of the season, the king of Hallyu will master versatility as he captures the true story of Hansu. How did his character go from being a poor and defenseless boy to a cruel mafia man?

What left episode 6 of “Pachinko”
In the year 1931, Sunja gives birth to the son she conceived with Hansu . Returning home with his older brother Yoseob from a dangerous meeting that depicts growing political turmoil, Isak meets the baby to whom he promised to give his family name and love as if it were his own blood.

Yoseob resented Sunja, but she asks him to baptize the little boy. Kyunghee’s husband is ashamed of her bad thoughts, tearfully accepting the honor and naming Noa as her nephew.

Back in the present, in 1989, Solomon finds Hana, who has contracted AIDS. They both rebuke the old Sunja in two different scenes; him blaming her for firing her and she for having pushed him to run away from her.

In response, the female lead in charge of Oscar winner Youn Yuh Jung reveals to her grandson that she turned down a life of luxury for moral reasons. As for the evicted woman, she confesses a guilt related to Noa’s departure .

When and what time does the cap. 7 of “Pachinko”?
This epic drama about a Korean family is based on Min Jin Lee’s bestseller and is directed by Justin Chon and Kogonada.

You can see a new chapter of the seriesevery Friday, from 10:00 am (KST). Here, the premiere schedules adjusted to the clock of each country.

Premiere of “Pachinko” in Guatemala and El Salvador: 7:00 pm on Thursday, April 21
Premiere of “Pachinko” in Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador: 8:00 pm on Thursday, April 21

Where to watch online “Pachinko”, chapter 7?
The drama “Pachinko” is an Apple TV Original Production . For this reason, you can only legally watch it online on Apple TV+, the on-demand OTT platform of the American company Apple.

How to watch “Pachinko” on Apple TV Plus?
You must have a subscription to Apple TV + to enjoy “Pachinko” on an iOS device or in any browser.

If you do not have a subscription, you can join the service by creating an Apple ID and paying the method of your choice.

Watch “Pachinko” chapter 7 for free
Apple TV+ benefits its new subscribers with a seven-day free trial. This is extended to three months for customers using Apple devices.

“Pachinko” subtitled in Spanish
“Pachinko” is an international blockbuster whose original audio features dialogue in Korean, English, and Japanese.

For the benefit of the fans, it is dubbed in several languages, such as Spanish , and its subtitles are of different colors depending on the language that is translated.

White letters for English translations
Yellow letters for Korean translations
Celestial letters for Japanese translations.

Can I watch “Pachinko” on Netflix?
“Pachinko” is not available on Netflix because it is an original production of Apple TV + although it can be seen on other sites and for free, but these are not legal.