Korean Money Heist Scene Becomes Controversy, Called Trigger Anti-Japanese Sentiment


Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area received a pretty good response from the public. Aired in six episodes, the second season has yet to reveal the broadcast schedule.
But behind this success, there is a scene in Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area which is currently being controversial in South Korea. The scene is when Tokyo chooses his alias.

Tokyo is said to be a North Korean citizen who left his country for a better life in South Korea. In her country, she is a victim of sexual harassment who kills the perpetrator to protect other victims.

While at his lowest point, he is then asked to join by the Professor. When all the bandits are gathered, the Professor asks them to choose the names of cities around the world as aliases.

The scene in question is when Tokyo reveals the reason for choosing the city as an alias. “Because we’re going to do bad things, right?” said Tokyo : https://open.firstory.me/user/cl57ea95202w301t3a0rs6ocn

Maybe for those who do not understand the context, the reason sounds meaningless. But in South Korea, the reason was once a joke in the early 2000s.

At that time, Koreans would admit they were Japanese when they were about to do bad things abroad. This is done so that they do not embarrass South Korea.

But now, this joke is no longer valid in South Korea. Thus, many young people express their protests in a number of online forums.

“I swear I’m Korean, I don’t like Japan either, but the anti-Japanese sentiment in that scene is unfounded. If I watch a Vietnamese movie and the character’s name is Seoul and then kill people, I’ll hate it too. I know Vietnam and Korea don’t have a history like Korea and Japan but still,” said one netizen.

“‘Let’s reunite South and North Korea, but Japan is bad!’ Can’t you see where the director’s political beliefs are going? He should have kept it to himself,” added another.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area received a good response from the global audience. But in South Korea, this series is considered uncreative and has a surprising plot.

Regarding this controversy, Netflix has not yet raised its voice.