Korean Horror Movies Themed of Evil Spirit Terror, Beware of Jumpscare!

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Korean horror movies have characteristics that make them a little different from Hollywood and other Asian movies. In addition to psychological horror, Korean movies also often combine mysteries, thrillers , and mystical cultures from other countries.

It’s not just the story that makes goosebumps goosebumps, the visual effects and acting skills of the players are no less impressive. For those of you who are looking for horror movie references, make sure that you don’t miss the following Korean movies with the theme of evil spirit terror!

1. Inspired shamanic culture, The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey (2021) tells the story of a shaman who resurrects a corpse for revenge

2. Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming (2021) tells the story of the terror of an evil spirit that haunts the residents of the school

3. The movie The 8th Night (2021) tells the story of a former monk’s battle with an evil spirit who targets humans as sacrifices

4. The Closet (2020) tells the mystery of the disappearance of children caused by the spirits behind the cupboards

5. Warning: Do Not Play (2019) tells a mysterious movie that invites mystical events for the audience

6. The Divine Fury (2019) features the terror of an evil spirit that haunts a man’s dreams after his father’s death

7. An evil spirit’s disturbance causes a series of mysterious events experienced by a family presented in the movie Metamorphosis (2019)

8. The Mimic (2018) focuses on telling the mystical events experienced by a family due to the presence of a voice imitating spirit

9. House of the Disappeared (2017) tells the story of the tragedy of murder and the riddle of the case of the disappearance of a child in a house

10. The Wailing (2016) tells the story of the terror of an evil spirit that spreads a mysterious disease to the villagers

11. The Priests (2015) presents the collaboration of magical powers and medical science to perform exorcism

Not just ordinary horror, these eleven Korean movies feel even more tense because they are filled with terror by evil spirits. Jumpscares that color each scene make the story even more spooky!