Korean Dramas With Few Romantic Stories That Aired in the First Half of 2022


Korean dramas are indeed synonymous with the romantic genre, which has always succeeded in stirring up the hearts of its loyal audience. It’s no wonder that dramas with sweet romances are never absent from being produced and certainly entertain the public. However, it turns out that there are a series of dramas with minimal romantic stories that are ready to air in 2022, you know.

Curious about what Korean dramas lack the latest romantic stories in the first half of 2022? Check this out!

Through The Darkness
Through The Darkness is the first Korean drama in 2022 that carries a criminal theme. Premiering on January 14, this drama is adapted from a webnovel with the same title and tells the story of the number one criminal profiler in South Korea named Kwon Il Yong.

Interestingly, this drama will also be Kim Nam Gil’s comeback moment after only being a cameo in 2021 in the drama One The Women . Besides Kim Nam Gil, the SBS drama, which is planned to be completed in 12 episodes, also stars Jin Seon Kyu, Ryeo Un, and Kim So Jin.

All Of Us Are Dead
The first minimal romance drama to entertain KDrama fans in 2022 was All Of Us Are Dead . Already premiering on January 28 on Netflix, this 12-episode drama stars Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Cho Yi Hyun, Lo Mon, and Yoo In Soo.

Carrying the thriller genre , this drama tells the story of a zombie outbreak in a high school building in Hyosan. The remaining students are trying to survive and fight the zombie army that dominates the school. Labeled 18+, this drama will feature a lot of violent scenes. You have to be mentally strong, if you want to watch it.

Juvenile Justice
Carrying the legal theme, Juvenile Justice , which will air on Netflix on February 25, focuses on juvenile crime cases. It is said to be interesting because the concept of law enforcement for the sake of justice must be faced with the facts on the ground that teenagers often easily escape from legal bondage.

Interestingly, the appointed judge actually hates children. Starring top Korean stars Kim Hye Soo and Kim Mu Yeol, it feels like the drama, which is planned to be completed in ten episodes, is worth waiting for and watching to the end.

If 2021 closes Rowoon with a romantic drama , at the beginning of the year this idol actor will play the fantasy drama Tomorrow . The drama tells the story of a death angel who is in charge of rescuing people who intend to commit suicide.

It is told that Rowoon’s role will later help the angel of death after an accident and coma. Starting from Kim Hee Sun, Yoon Ji On, to Lee Soo Hyuk, Tomorrow is planned to air from next March and will be completed in 16 episodes.

Again My Life
For those who are curious about Lee Joon Gi’s latest drama project, it seems that Again My Life must be awaited for broadcast. Also starring Kim Ji Eun and Lee Kyung Young, this SBS drama is on the watch list which is scheduled to air in April.

The drama, which was adapted from a novel and webtun by Lee Hae Nal, tells the story of a young prosecutor who has bad luck and is killed by corrupt politicians for investigating a case. Interestingly, he gets a second chance at life and revenge.

Long before the release of the official broadcast date, Island had quite a lot of public attention after Seo Ye Ji was canceled as the female lead. This fantasy drama from OCN then took Lee Da Hee to compete acting with Kim Nam Gil and Cha Eun Woo as the main characters.

The drama adaptation of the webtun, which is scheduled to air in 20 episodes, carries a story about the fight against evil that attacks the world. Not only war, but also the role of a Catholic priest who performs exorcisms and inner struggles when friends turn into enemies.