Korean dramas are now easier to find through a number of OTT services


Korean dramas are now easier to find through a number of OTT services, one of which is Netflix . From Love Alarm, Kingdom, to the most recent All of Us Are Dead, Netflix has invested heavily in South Korea to create original series with various genres.
detikcom recently chatted with Don Kang as VP Content (Korea) Netflix, about their future plans for Korean content. In 2022, Netflix has prepared a variety of shows that are more diverse than previous years.

In addition to Korean dramas, one that stole the attention is Single’s Inferno which is Netflix’s newest reality show. They gather a number of single women and men who are looking for love on one of the stranded islands.

Unexpectedly, the show was apparently very well received by Netflix viewers around the world. So, according to Don Kang, in the future Netflix will produce more unscripted or unscripted series.

“In 2022 we have just released a story that raises the story of zombies again. All of Us Are Dead is a unique story. We always try to give uniqueness to stories with the same topic,” said Don Kang in an interview via video call. .

“We still haven’t revealed everything on the list. There are a lot of different genres that will be released. One of them like Single’s Inferno is getting a very good response. We will also make more unscripted series which turns out to be a different kind of fun,” he continued.

Not only that, Don Kang also explained that he would explore more Korean films. As is known, Time to Hunt to My Name, which is a Netflix original film, also received a lot of praise from the public shortly after its release.

“We are also very happy to be able to see a number of film lists this year. Many films cannot be shown in theaters, so we partner with a number of film productions,” continued Don Kang.

“In addition, we are also developing our own films that are waiting to be shown to the public. So in 2022, more genres will be shown, also in the form of reality shows. So it’s not just Korean dramas, but there will also be Korean films and series. unscripted,” he concluded