Korean Drama My Name: Han So Hee’s Character Transformation, More Badass


The Korean drama My Name will be one of the drama series that will reportedly air soon. My Name will premiere and become a 2021 Netflix original drama.

From the rumors spread on social media, this drama will air next month, after going through the filming period since March 28, 2021 and ending on July 28, 2021.

The drama will feature guest stars from Nevertheless and The World of The Married, Han So Hee. However, unlike in the previous two dramas, Han So Hee will transform into a woman full of blood and a gun in hand.

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My Name is a drama that develops the genres of romance, crime, drama, and action at the same time. The packaging considers the togetherness scenes.

The plot uses the story of a woman who wants to avenge her father’s death. He joins a criminal organization and disguises himself as a police officer to carry out a mission to find his father’s killer.

This story will make its own excitement for Korean drama fans. Especially with the presence of Han So Hee showing something different.

Korean Drama My Name

Han So Hee’s Character Transformation
Before playing in the Korean drama My Name, as has become known to the public K-Drama Lovers , Han Soo Hee’s name has been booming since her acting role in the drama The World of the Married. Then the producers offered him a job for a diamond-looking figure, Han So Hee.

This is proven by his acting performances in the drama Nevertheles. The chemistry he built with Song Kang succeeded in making it difficult for the audience to leave the story.

In both dramas, Han So Hee appears with a feminine character and a soft-hearted woman. The opposite character in his role in the new drama. This time he showed a different side.

Han So Hee will transform into a mysterious but dangerous woman. He even did a lot of action and action scenes with sharp weapons, such as knives or guns.

First Release Poster
Netflix as the platform that will broadcast the first Korean drama series My Name has released a poster. In the poster, Han So Hee is seen wearing an all black outfit , with a short hair style .

His face seemed mysterious with his cold eyes. While his fingers gripped the knife with blood dripping around it. His face was not clean of scars.

The background of the picture is a narrow alley at night. Several people around Han So Hee stood up, there were a number of people lying down. The apparent possibility was that Han So Hee had beaten those people in the fight.

My Name Story Summary
The Korean drama My Name tells the story of a woman named Yoon Ji Woo who wants revenge for her father’s death. Therefore, Ji Woo chose to join the cartel gang under the leadership of Choi Moon Ji.

Choi Moon Ji himself is a mafia boss, the largest drug cartel in Korea, Dongcheon. Yoon Ji Woo managed to sneak into the police force thanks to the help of Choi Moo Ji. His motives are so unreasonable, Choi Moo Ji uses all means even by using insiders to melt Yoon Ji Woo.

In routine work, Yoon Ji Woo is assigned with Jeon Pil Do. He is a police officer who works as a team of astute investigators and the most capable officer in the drug crime department.

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They take shelter under the orders of the head of the department named Cha Gi Ho. In Korean drama My Name is more familiar with Alice. Cha Gi Ho, who has almost met his retirement, is very ambitious to destroy Dongcheon to its roots.

On the other hand, Choi Moo Jin the mafia always gets help from Jung Tae Joo. Choi Moo Ji’s subordinates, who are known to be loyal, are willing to risk their own lives to carry out orders from Choi Moo Jin.

Once upon a time, a former member of Dongcheon who had been expelled because of a problem named Do Gang Jae came back. He has the determination to destroy Dongcheon and the universe.

About Korean Drama My Name
Netflix has announced the release of this drama will take place on October 15th. This drama is directed by Kim Jin Min, who previously successfully released the drama “Extracurricular”. He collaborated with writer Kim Ba Da.

The stars who will appear in this drama are Han So Hee (Yoon Ji Wo), Park Hae Soon (Choi Moo Joo), and Ahn Bo Hyun (Jeon Pil Do). While those who will enliven as extras are Kim Sang Ho (Cha Gi Hi), Lee Hak Joo (Jung Tae Joo), Chang Ryul (Dong Gang Jae), and Kim Su Ha (little Yoon Ji Woo).

In addition, the faces of Moon Sang Min, Jang Yool, Im Ki Hong, and Park Hyun Jun will also appear as part of the Dongcheon gang.