Korean drama Kim Ji-seok besides Kiss Sixth Sense


1. Children of the 20th Century

Children of the 20th Century is a Korean romantic-comedy genre drama that was released in 2017. This drama focuses on the story of three women who have turned 30 years old in adjusting to their love, friendship, and family relationships.

In this drama, Kim Ji-seok plays a boy named Gong Ji-won who has a friendship with the three girls. Ji-won actually has a pretty cool background, since he graduated from Harvard University and has worked on Wall Street. However, Ji-won is still very innocent about romance and very loyal to her first love.

Ji-seok’s innocence in playing Gon Ji-won also managed to steal the attention of the audience. The proof, Ji-seok managed to get the “Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Monday-Tuesday Drama” at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards.

2. Top Star U-back

After the success of Children of the 20th Century , Kim Ji-seok immediately won the trust to star in the drama Top Star U-Back . This drama is about Yoo Baek (Kim Ji-seok), a top actor and former idol who causes controversy because of his narcissistic attitude. This then makes Yoo Baek’s agency hide the actor to a remote village to be free from media attention.

Yoo Baek, who is used to living in luxury, must adapt to survive in the village. However, Yoo Baek actually falls in love with a country girl named Oh Kang-soon (Jeon So-min) who actually has the opposite character from him. Through this drama, you will be able to see Kim Ji-seok’s unrequited romantic moments like in Kiss Sixth Sense .

3. When the Camellia Blooms

When the Camellia Blooms is one of the best Korean dramas released in early 2020. The reason is, the drakor which combines elements of romcom with thriller won the Daesang trophy or the Grand Prize at the 2020 Baeksang Arts Awards. Kim Ji-seok was also one of the players involved as a drakor player.

This drama is about a single mother named Oh Dong-baek (Gong Hyo-jin) who moves to a small town and opens a bar. Despite the innuendo from neighbors regarding his profession, Dong-baek continues to live a happy life while raising his son. Then, Dong-baek meets a cop named Yong-sik (Kang Ha-neul) who likes him despite his single mother status.

In this drama, Kim Ji-seok plays a professional baseball athlete named Kang Jong-ryul who is Dong-baek’s ex-lover and the biological father of the girl’s child. Jong-ryul only found out that he had a child with Dong-baek when the child was already 8 years old. After learning about this, Jong-ryul feels guilty and tries to lure Dong-baek back.

4. My Unfamiliar Family

For those of you who like family-themed dramas, My Unfamiliar Family , which also stars Kim Ji-seok, will be perfect for you to watch. My Unfamiliar Family features a portrait of a family who rarely spends time together after their children grow up. This drama really describes the family problems that occur due to lack of communication.

Kim Ji-seok’s character, Park Chan-hyuk, is actually not part of the family that is the main focus of the drama, but a friend of the two families’ children. However, Chan-hyuk actually has a much closer relationship with each member of the family. Ji-seok’s charismatic appearance also managed to steal the attention, especially because Chan-hyuk is a fashionable guy .

5. Monthly Magazine Home

A year before starring in Kiss Sixth Sense , Kim Ji-seok had a chance to be the main character of the Korean drama Monthly Magazine Home with Jung So-min. This drama will present us a romance story between a man who “buys” a house and a woman who “lives” at home.

The main focus is on a real estate owner and investor named Yu Ja-seong (Kim Ji-seok) who is a representative of a property magazine called House . Meanwhile, there is Na Young-won (Jung So-min) who holds the position of editor of House magazine . Their cooperation then creates the seeds of love between the two of them.