Know the Weakest Iron Man Armor!


Although not as old as Namor the Submariner or Captain America, Tony Stark aka Iron Man is one of the Marvel superheroes with the most stories in the Marvel Universe. Created by Marvel Comics legends, such as Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, and Jack Kirby, Iron Man is a superhero who made his debut sixty years ago through Tales of Suspense #39. And during that time, as a genius who relies on his creation technology, Iron Man has created many advanced armors to help him become a formidable ‘superhero’ in the Marvel Universe.

Until now, there have been more than 70 armors that have been created by Iron Man. Starting with the classic Mark I armor that he created using minimal materials, to the Mark LXXI aka Model 71 armor made of adamantium nanoparticles, almost all of his armor can be said to always outperform all his opponents. But of the many advanced armors, it turns out that there is one armor that has proven to be very weak, namely the Mark VII aka Model 7. Without further ado, let’s discuss more about this most fragile Iron Man armor, geeks!

Created For Stealth Missions
When Iron Man carries out a mission to the space station belonging to the Roxxon Corporation, he realizes that the Mark V armor aka Space Armor he uses can be detected easily by the conglomerate’s radar. Since then, Iron Man then took the initiative to create an armor that focuses on stealth or stealth mode. And the Mark VII is the first stealth armor created by Iron Man in 1981. In the comic Iron Man #152, Iron Man uses this armor to carry out stealth missions to Heaven’s Hand headquarters in East Germany.

At that time, he used this black armor, named Stealth Armor, to save his crush, Bethany Chase. Made of metal that can absorb radar waves, the Stealth Armor is proven to be able to avoid radar detection very well. However, when Iron Man uses a sonic scan to find out Beth’s location, a swarm of drones immediately recognizes her position and goes after her. In the process, the drones fire at Iron Man with lasers that overwhelm him. Thankfully, Iron Man managed to escape to his base.

In a state of injury, upon arrival at the secret base, Iron Man immediately tore the damaged Stealth Armor with his bare hands, unlike his previous habit where he always needed the help of another machine to remove his armor. For more than five years, Iron Man never reused this Stealth Armor, until finally in 1988 he wore it again to infiltrate the headquarters of the Soviet Union in the Armor Wars saga. The difference is, in this second use, Iron Man has learned from his previous mistakes by making Stealth Armor a little better.

Reasons Iron Man Mark VII Weak
Before discussing the updates provided by Iron Man to the Stealth Armor aka Mark VII, let’s first discuss the reasons why this armor is called the weakest Iron Man armor. The first mistake Iron Man made when creating the Mark VII armor was not paying attention to the strength of the metal from which it was made. Functionally, the metal used to create the Mark VII is indeed capable of absorbing radar waves very effectively, but in terms of strength, the metal is too fragile to protect Iron Man from any attacks.

Then the second mistake, where this mistake was the most fatal carelessness that Iron Man made to the Mark VII armor, he didn’t equip this stealth armor with weapons at all. Instead of covering up the fragile quality of his armor, Iron Man actually threw away all of the weaponry that every armor usually has. That’s why when he’s attacked by a drone, Iron Man doesn’t strike back by firing his energy repulsor, because the Mark VII isn’t equipped with a repulsor.

These weaknesses eventually became the reason why Iron Man never used Mark VII armor aka Stealth Armor again for more than five years. Until finally he needed armor for a stealth mission to the Soviet Union headquarters, then Iron Man gave an update to Stealth Armor with several additional weapons to cover the weakness of his very fragile armor. That’s the discussion about the weakest Iron Man armor of all time in the Marvel Universe. Until now there is still no other Iron Man armor that has proven worse than Stealh Armor.