Know the ASMR Phenomenon, Here Are 5 Facts and Their Relationship to Medical

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In the era of the emergence of various kinds of video and audio in digital media, humans also adapt and even interact intensely with various results of these technologies. Well, one of the strange phenomena that results from the interaction between humans and audiovisuals is ASMR .

So, are you curious about the ASMR phenomenon in the human body? Or maybe you’ve often used it to calm your mind? Well, let’s see the explanation below, shall we?

1. Get to know more about the ASMR phenomenon

What is ASMR? ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response to Medical. According to the Healthline page, ASMR is a phenomenon associated with certain stimuli due to audio, visual, touch, and even close contact with other people (directly and indirectly).

Usually, those who experience the ASMR phenomenon will feel a slight tingling and tingling feeling in the head that radiates to the neck or the whole body. This sensation is considered comfortable and makes the body feel relaxed. In addition, people who are feeling in this sensation will have a calm mind and easily sleepy.

2. Suspected to overcome depression and chronic pain

A report entitled ” Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): a Flow-like Mental State ” released by PeerJ Life & Environment in 2015 stated that ASMR is strongly suspected of being able to overcome depression and chronic pain in some people. The data obtained from the research seem to suggest that ASMR is associated with temporary improvement in depressed patients.

Although further research is needed, this study is expected to show a close relationship between ASMR and synesthesia (a unique response in the human senses). Well, this unique sense response is what makes ASMR popular with many people because it is considered capable of making the body calmer and more sleepy.

3. The relationship with medical

So, what is the relationship between ASMR and medicine? Reported by the Health page, actually there is no clear data on how many people have experienced and can experience this ASMR sensation. Experts also haven’t gotten a clear picture of the traits that define this phenomenon in a person when it comes to medical.

However, that does not mean ASMR is not related to medical at all. Studies related to this have shown evidence that ASMR is closely correlated with certain brain areas that can cause feelings of happiness. This response is similar to musical stimuli that can affect the human brain and body although not clearly described.

4. Types and types of ASMR media

There are several media that are suspected to cause ASMR phenomena in the human body. Well, for visuals, usually videos showing cleaning activities can be considered to evoke this impression, for example cleaning rooms and scenes before and after, cars, household furniture, and electronic equipment from very dirty dust.

There are also ASMR sensations that arise due to body contact with other people, such as massage, haircuts, facials , and body treatments that are thought to cause a sense of comfort in the human body. However, ASMR due to direct contact with other people may have a different type of sensation than audiovisual media.

For ASMR, which is quite intense, it usually occurs in the part of our sense of hearing. That’s why, Youtube videos containing ASMR audio have started to be loved by many people. Any sound can create an ASMR sensation as long as it’s clear, deep, intense, and fits well with other sounds. This means that the audio should sound solid and comfortable.

5. The health benefits behind the ASMR phenomenon

In addition to allegedly being able to relieve depression and chronic pain, the ASMR phenomenon is also predicted to be able to bring other health benefits. As noted on the Verywell Mind page, according to psychiatrist Gregory Scott Brown MD, the ASMR sensation can be used as a simple therapy to relieve anxiety or anxiety .

ASMR also makes it easier for someone to sleep soundly and of course this is better than having to take chemical drugs. The sensation obtained from sounds that evoke ASMR can be an effective stress reliever. However, this impact is not always the same for everyone and it is possible that a person may feel uncomfortable with the ASMR sensation they feel.

So, have you ever felt this sensation? Or maybe you’ve been listening to ASMR audio every night? Hopefully this article can provide new information for you, yes!