Klein Karoo 2: A story full of laughter, life and love


The big wait is finally over! Klein Karoo 2 was released on DStv Box Office on Wednesday, December 15, and viewers can now, after eight years, finally see what life has meant to some of their favorite characters. Celebrities like Tim Theron, Leandie du Randt, Marciel Hopkins, Sisanda Henna and Nicole Fortuin are seen in this film exploring the different twists and turns that love can walk with you.

What is the film about?
Frans, a 38-year-old documentary director, is forced to take a step back and reevaluate his life after being unexpectedly left in front of the pulpit for the second time.

He soon realizes that things can actually get worse – on the way back after discovering that he has a brain tumor, Frans stops along the way to help Chloë, a beautiful farmer who is repairing a fence . She says that all the farmers in the Karoo area are struggling because their livestock is being stolen. This is a major concern because their livelihoods are in danger.

Without knowing it, Frans Chloë tries to save and draws attention to the problem by making a documentary about the horrific incidents the farmers face. Bongi and Jackie, along with Tarryn, the director of photography, must all help make the documentary a reality.

Frans is scared and cautious because his heart has just been broken again. But it is clear that there is attraction between him and Chloe. At the same time, Frans spends more time with Jackie and discovers a side of her he does not know. He identifies with her art and can not deny that she makes his heart beat a little faster than he wants to admit.

The right kind of love comes only once in a lifetime. Will Frans try to save another woman, or will his heart follow where he is wanted?

Tim Theron, who plays the role of Frans, is also one of the producers of the film. Tim thinks they wanted to show with the film that Frans, and the other characters, do not go through life untouched. “They are not completely just ghost-breath-thin characters who move through a perfect world in search of their one true love . They also get bumps and bumps, and have to find their way through the challenges of life. ”

stopped by three of the film’s main characters (Tim Theron, Leandie du Randt and Marciel Hopkins) to hear what they have to say about their characters and their experience of the filming process.

Is there something about your character that reminds you of yourself?

Tim: Well, we both have black hair… I think Frans has an idealism and positivity to him that I also share – he always believes there is a way to do something good, to help someone, to make a difference can make.

Leandie: We both have a will of our own and I’m not very girly either, just like Jackie. Our sarcasm and honesty are similar too.

Marciel: Chloë and I both grew up on a farm and have a great love for animals and nature. We are fearless when it comes to what we want and what we are passionate about. We do not want to be dependent on a man – we are looking for a partner who is equal to us and supports us in the dreams we pursue.

And in what way do you differ?

Tim: Well, no one has ever left me in front of the pulpit… although there have definitely been one or two times my wife has thought of it! As much as Frans wants to do the right thing, help people and so on, he is still sometimes a little indecisive, as if he knows something has to happen, and if he just stands still long enough then it will happen. That’s why Bongi is such an important part of his life – he’s the one who always encourages him to move, to do something – even if it’s not always in the right direction.

Leandie: I think I care more about people than animals and Jackie cares more about animals than people. I’m also a little more of a people pleaser than Jackie. I wish I could worry so little about others’ feelings and what they think.

Marciel: Chloe is a little more earthy than I am – she lives close to the earth and she farms full time. I live in the city and pursue a career in the entertainment industry, so their career dreams are very different. Chloe does not wear makeup and she is at her most comfortable in her skins. I do not go anywhere without mascara and I like to dress nicely every day and to make an effort with my appearance.

What was the most challenging and enjoyable aspect of your role for you?

Tim: This character, as originally written by the talented Etienne Fourie, and now taken further by the equally talented Lize Vosloo, has mainly challenged me by how openly he wears his heart on his sleeve. Frans can not help to show everything he feels and thinks, and it makes one enormously open and defenseless, to feel what he feels, to fetch it within yourself. It can get exhausting too, but at the same time is also almost the nicest part of interpreting him – he is so honest about what he feels, so innocent, but also so open to FEELING – even if it hurts. There’s something incredibly beautiful about it. Then of course there are the comic moments. Comedy remains my very first love – so any opportunity to delight me a little in it I seize with both hands.

Leandie: Most challenging were definitely the scenes with Tim Theron – we’ve been like family and very good friends for a long time, so certain scenes (about which I can not say too much right now) were a stretch for our relationship. Nicest aspect is to always be able to have a carefree attitude like Jackie. I also love her honesty and sarcasm.

Marciel: The most challenging part was not playing myself because there are so many similarities between me and Chloe. I really had to go and investigate how we differ from each other in order to portray her being as honest as possible. The nicest part of the rendition was Chloe’s naturalness. No part of her humanity pretends, she’s just who she is. I loved it!

Who is your favorite character in the movie and why?

Tim: My favorite character will definitely have to be Bongi, and then also Dr Fourie. Sisanda Henna and I have been good friends since the first Little Karoo movie, and he just brings some nice energy to the set. And then of course Dr. Fourie, played by another old friend, Bennie Fourie. Our scenes together were 100% focused on comedy, and it was incredibly nice to be able to unwind with Bennie just a little bit and explore the comedy of the moment completely.

Leandie: Sisanda’s role Bongi – I always feel better after being in a scene with him. Love how he interprets Bongi!

Marciel: Meyer! I laughed my ass off for its lack of subtlety. It provides great comic entertainment.

The kind of love that Frans experiences in the film comes only once in a lifetime. Will Frans try to save another woman, or will his heart follow where he is wanted? What would be Tim’s advice to Frans?

Frans’ big problem is that he does not think he deserves love, unless he does something great, “saves” someone. So he is constantly trying to earn love. Hopefully this time he chooses the love that chooses him before he can make some big romantic gesture. Which may even pick him up when he’s at his weakest.

That would be my advice to old French. Just as little as one can buy love, just as little can one earn it. True love comes without conditions. Because if one could earn it, then love would also have been easy and so little cheap. But love is imperfect, has usually gotten so many bumps and bumps of life, a few scratches where it was dropped and had to be picked up again, and love that works.

Your character, Jackie, enjoys the company of Frans (Tim Theron), but also does not want to become “what a man expects of her”. What would be Leandie’s advice to Jackie?

You must always be yourself. Even if it takes longer than the “normal” woman to get married or to catch a man. If this is really what you want to do – why should you? One just has to do what one wants. I believe the more you find yourself and live life to the fullest the easier your relationship is going to be the day the right one comes. Live on your OWN timeline – do not compare your relationship or life with anyone else. I talk a lot about this in my new book My Hacks For Life which is currently available online at tobegiftboxes.com.

Marciel, you are usually seen in front of the camera as a presenter. How does this experience as an actress differ for you?

As a presenter I’m 100% Marciel, I do not play a character. As an actress, I can climb into someone else’s shoes and tell their story. Sometimes it’s liberating not to have to be myself – I get the opportunity to play someone completely different from myself. Both responsibilities have their own challenges, but I enjoy the variation of the different directions.

According to Tim, their only hope, and the reason they made the film, is that people will even just take a smile away from the film. “Of course we hope the film touches people more deeply, maybe give them a little courage again and hope in these strange times in which we currently find ourselves. But if someone watches the film, and only forgets their stress and worries for a moment, can only breathe and smile for a moment, then we will be satisfied! ”

Klein Karoo 2 is now available at Box Office.