Kinpuri Ren Nagase’s first detective role in “Last Man”, Masaharu Fukuyama x Yo Oizumi teammate supporting buddy


Ren Nagase ( King & Prince ) will appear in the Sunday theater “Last Man-Blind Investigator-” which will be broadcast on TBS from April 23rd.

“Last Man -The Blind Investigator-” is an FBI special investigator who has lost his eyesight played by Masaharu Fukuyama , Hiromi Minami, and a thoroughbred “guardian” played by Yo Oizumi. A drama in which Shintaro Godo teams up with buddies to take on difficult cases. Yo Yoshida , Mio Imada , Satoshi Matsuo , Tomohiko Imai , and Tomoya Oku are listed as teammates who support the two . Nagase will play the role of Izumi Godo, a detective of Madoka Sakura’s team of the Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigation Division, played by Yoshida. He is Shintaro’s nephew and the person who will be the next head of the guardian family, but he is a young man who does not take any notice of his family lineage and has a strong sense of justice and dislikes bending.

Regarding this announcement, Nagase said, “This is my first time playing a detective role, so I will enjoy it in my own way, cherish each and every day, let me see Mr. Fukuyama and Mr. Oizumi’s backs, and absorb a lot. Please look forward to it!”

There was a lot of pressure and nervousness about being able to work with Mr. Fukuyama and Mr. Oizumi in the framework of Sunday Theater, which has a long history, but it looks like it will be a place where I can study and absorb various things, so The excitement of wanting to act together as soon as possible was bigger.
The role I play this time, Izumi Godo, is a straightforward rookie detective who can’t lie, and is the type of character who gets swayed by those around her. I can’t lie either, and if anything, I’m the type to show my expression, so I think Izumi is similar in that respect. I would like to do my best to get used to this work firmly so that it will be a good work. Since I’m playing a detective, I’d like to put handcuffs on him (laughs).
This will be my first time playing a detective role, so I want to enjoy myself and cherish each and every day. Please enjoy it!

A new and reassuring friend has joined the strongest Investigative Division 1 members.
The character Izumi is a person who will eventually carry the police on his back in his career, but he is not arrogant at all, but rather an upright and innocent person who respects the detectives who work in the field as the true justice.
Even though Mr. Nagase has built up a lot of career as an actor, I feel that he has remained pure all the time, and I made a person called Izumi with such an image of him.
The point of interest is Mr. Nagase’s eyes. Her bright and sad eyes are very nice, but as the story progresses in this work, the change in her eyes will express the big story that Izumi will have. Please look forward to it.