Kingmaker Film Review, Political Genre But Doesn’t Make You Bored


Korean films have a variety of interesting genres to enjoy. One of them is the film Kingmaker , starring famous actors Sol Kyung Gu, Lee Sun Kyu, Jo Woo Jin, to Yu Jae Myeong. The film, directed by Byun Sung Hyun, premiered in South Korea on January 26, 2022.

With a duration of approximately two hours, Kingmaker discusses the process behind the nomination of politicians along with campaign tactics that are beyond reason. Check out the review below to find out more about Kingmaker.


Sinopsis film Kingmaker
Kingmaker film tells the story of an opposition party politician named Kim Woon Beom (Sol Kyung Gu) who failed in the nomination for Mokpo regional head several times. Meeting Seo Chang Dae (Lee Sun Kyun) a pharmacist as well as a political strategist who has ambitions to change the world, Kim Woon Beom successfully advances to the presidential candidacy.

However, during the presidential candidacy period, the paths chosen by Kim Woon Beom and Seo Chang Dae began to cross. While Seo Chang Dae believed that unjustified methods were necessary in politics, Kim Woon Beom still adhered to the principle that such methods are not real politics.

On the other hand, Seo Chang Dae who is always behind the scenes is also being targeted by other ruling parties to help them win the next presidential election. This is made worse when an incident that endangers Kim Woon Beom’s family and the figure of Seo Chang Dae is suspected to be the culprit.

Kingmaker is no ordinary political genre film
In addition to the acting of the senior players in this film which is already slick, the storyline of this film is not boring. Not the kind of political film that has a lot of ‘heavy topic conversation’ scenes between the characters.

Kingmaker is full of illustrated-style scenes assisted by dialogue that makes it easier for the audience to understand the existing situation. Other characters played by actors Jo Woo Jin and Yu Jae Myeong also greatly contributed to the development towards the end of the story.

Kingmaker also managed to make the audience focus on Seo Chang Dae’s relationship with politicians. Likewise, the figure of Kim Woon Beom who has firm principles despite the many frictions here and there. When the ideologies of the two began to contradict each other until finally they went with their respective ideologies, there was a feeling of emptiness that left the impression that their struggle together came to a halt.

The scenes and transitions are not boring
In line with their character development, this film also bewitches the audience with the transitions of each scene. For example, the transition from news footage on television to the real world.

The transition of each event in a different year was smooth. This can be seen through the storyline which is accelerated in several parts. However, the audience can still enjoy and seem to join in on their journey to the presidential election.

There are also several scenes that managed to make laughs through the ridiculous scenes of Kim Woon Beom’s success team who were busy working to grab the public’s attention from the opposing party. Then the scene is quite tense when Seo Chang Dae is targeted by the opposition party and all the plot twists that fall into the shadow strategy, aka the political strategist.