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Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date 2022

kingdom hearts 4 release date 2022

It is hard to know when the next Kingdom Hearts installment will hit the shelves, but the team behind the series has confirmed it is working on a new installment. Nomura also confirmed that the new installment would be released around 2022, which would coincide with the game’s twenty-year anniversary. It is not clear what the story is, or if we can expect to see the launch window for Kingdom Hearts 4.


Square Enix released a new Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer along with the Kingdom Heals: Missing-Link trailer. The new trailer shows Sora facing off against giant enemies in the vast city of Quadratum. In this new trailer, he also runs through the skyscrapers, confronting Heartless, and ultimately saving the world. But what is the story behind this new trailer? And can we expect a new dungeon in Kingdom Hearts 4?


Square Enix announced the development of Kingdom Hearts 4 at its 20th anniversary celebration. The action RPG will feature the main character, Sora, along with Goofy, Donald Duck, and more. The fourth game in the franchise will also feature the Lost Master Arc. The release date for the game is still unclear. However, the announcement trailer showed off a new city – Quadratum – and a new boss battle. Sora will also see a return of Donald Duck and Goofy, and the series’ first appearance of Strelitzia.

Launch window

There is currently no firm release date or window for Kingdom Hearts 4. Considering that the game uses the Unreal Engine 5, it may only be available for newer consoles, like the Xbox One and PS4. But, if Square Enix intends to completely revamp the franchise, they could even launch it on the PlayStation 4, which is a very popular choice for fans of the series. In the meantime, the game’s announcement trailer is below.

Square Enix

The announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4’s development came as a surprise, but the trailer showed some signs that fans can look forward to. The trailer revealed a new look for Sora and the battle against the mighty Heartless, but it didn’t mention a release date. Nevertheless, a 2022 release date for Kingdom Hearts 4 is highly unlikely, as Square Enix will be releasing another big role-playing game before it comes out, called Final Fantasy 16.


With its long wait, fans are still excited to see the next installment of the Kingdom Hearts series. The game is set in modern Japan and is likely to take place in the Quadratum, a world of “unreality” compared to the normal Kingdom Hearts worlds. This is where the Master of Masters is planning to launch his new game, and fans are already wondering whether Yozora will make an appearance. Nevertheless, the upcoming game is not far away, with a release date a few years in the future.